Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Influencer & Hollywood Manager Nikki Giavasis

26 Jun Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Influencer & Hollywood Manager Nikki Giavasis


“Women Are Goddesses. Simonetta Lein”

I often state that the best people are the most humble and supportive of others. Success changes you, for better or for worst. Success is difficult, nothing comes easy. There are people who decide to take revenge on others for the difficulties they had to pass through. Others instead understand that once arriving they can help. I am naturally attracted to powerful and empowering women, the ones that stay humble and always smile, who are supportive and grateful. Today I have one of these women with me, and she is a true Super Woman:  Nikki Giavasis



Quotes from her Entrepreneur Magazine article:


“Nikki Giavasis is definitely a name known by Who’s Who in the business world.


Giavasis has single handedly built her own empire by paving her own way and utilizing her Marketing background to do so.


Nikki Giavasis is a woman on the rise and she has proven herself in the industry by the countless deals she’s closed and the big names she’s represented. Giavasis is a published author of 4 books and her 5th book will be released this fall. She is an accomplished speaker, television host and entrepreneur.


Nikki Giavasis is the President and CEO of Jordan Management in Beverly Hills, California. She has been the industry insider for Hollywood’s biggest names and biggest events. She has done everything from the marketing for huge celebrities and international concert tours to managing international events for the global elite. Giavasis has brought celebrities to perform and host events in other countries in addition to booking them to appear on her talk show, in her magazine, and at a large number of red carpet exclusive A Lister events.


Giavasis has proven that success is a matter of perceptive and perseverance and she is constantly expanding her brand and her businesses. She is currently opening several new businesses in the Los Angeles and expanding to London and other parts of the world. Her star is definitely on the rise and she is absolutely worth following.”


All these actions speak to me even louder considering they come from  a gorgeous and loving woman, someone that really empowers and uplift others, especially other women. These are the women entrepreneurs I get inspired by. (See Nikki Instagram Profile )



Who are you and what is the name of your business?


My name is Nikki Giavasis and the name of my business is Jordan Management.


What is your brand about?


My brand is and has always been about empowering women and celebrating the beauty of how each female is so unique yet we are so connected in multiple ways. I love to discover what women have overcome and connect women by sharing how strong we are and how capable we are of overcoming any adversity and achieving our dreams.


I started out being obsessed with business since I was a little girl. I would create a virtual office in my bedroom and do all sorts of things I thought a business person would do. It’s so funny now to think back and realize that no matter what branches I may have gone out on, I still remained true to the tree or roots of who I am and what I love.


In high school I was in Business Professionals of America; Junior Engineers of Texas Society; Student Council; French Club; and a variety of other clubs and organizations. I was co-captain of my track team and I was preparing for national fitness competitions. I became the youngest NFL Cheerleader in high school which is why I co-authored 3 of the first 4 books I co-authored. The books were How To Guides for becoming a pro cheerleader, but moreso, each was aimed at giving girls and women advice. My passion has always been uplifting, empowering and inspiring women. I have shared a wide variety of difficulties and what seemed to be tragedies because I wanted other women to gain strength by my story and to know that they too could overcome anything, no matter what they are privately dealing with.


In college I had my two kids and I was able to graduate with honors in 4 years because I was an honors student in high school and took AP courses for college credit. I am so proud and honored to be the mother to my amazing kids and I am also proud that I did so much on my own from such a young age. It makes me feel great to look back and see how far we’ve come from living in a small town in Ohio to now.


When we moved to California, we encountered many seemingly insurmountable difficulties which could and would’ve broken most people. But I have an extremely strong will and determination so I simply refused to allow giving up to be an option.


I received an enormous amount of requests for work and branding. I understood that there is only one of me and it’s impossible for me to do everything offered so in 2003 I opened my management company, Jordan Management.


I have managed celebrities, models, actors, actresses, singers, comedians and social media influencers. I’ve built brands and have helped many people succeed immensely, attain their goals and realize their dreams. 


14 years later, my companies have expanded and grown. Jordan Management is thriving and I’m currently featured as a top influencer in Forbes and Entrepreneur. This is quite rewarding because I have battled with my health for the last couple of years due to toxic mold poisoning devastating me and my family. Being able to truly stay focused in the face of such extreme adversity has helped me to be more focused on what truly matters most. I’ve spent the majority of my time focusing on my kids and our health. I’m very excited for the next chapter as everything has begun in this new chapter of my life. I am extremely happy to have an amazing network of people in my circle that I am friends with and whom I work with. The second half of 2017 will be such a fantastic time for growth. I feel that even with all that has been accomplished, it was all just a warm up and the absolutely fantastic parts of life, personal and professional achievement are just beginning.


What is your mission?


My mission is to reach those who feel they have no voice. To empower those who feel that they are isolated and alone and that they are going through things that nobody else is when in fact, many people have gone through the same or similar. Sometimes it takes those who have overcome the most difficult things to empower those who need someone to be their voice and give them strength that they do have inside, yet, they just haven’t realized it yet.


**This speaks volume to me. It is that transformation that we all need, when you pass through pain and you are able to understand other people’s suffering. We have a similar mission, when I created The Wishwall I wanted to give a voice to the voiceless and I knew that I am not alone in this desire to impact the world.


Are you a Millenial? What do you think about Millenials?


I think Millenials are very aware and proactive. We’re living in a time where there are infinite possibilities for reaching people around the world and doing so through technology and social media is extremely important now as that is how most people receive the majority of their news and current events.


 If you are here it means you love fashion. Why?


I’ve always loved fashion. I’ve created my own clothing and designs since I was a teenager and I’ve developed my own brand and line. I got extremely ill so I wasn’t able to launch it yet but I’m very excited that it’s finally happening in the very near future. 🙂


**Here is my “Empowering Style” collection for Nikki, Girl bosses to the stars!



**A true goddess, very sexy yet refined and this Summer it is all about glowing with gold.



**Love this mini with gold accents that make it precious yet modern. A perfect combination.



**First comes trust then comes beauty. Nikki  is the perfect example of a beauty that glows from within.


What cannot miss from your wardrobe?


I love having maxi dresses in my wardrobe and a staple of mine is combining simple fashion pieces with more elegant pieces. I like to mix and match so my style is still comfortable yet usually it’s casual business attire. In high school I would typically wear blazers with jeans and tops and I still do the same. I also love comfortable clothing like yoga gear and fitness attire for every day wear. I’m loving floral this season and there are all kinds of flowy goddess dresses that I love such as the blue kimono piece I was wearing in my recent posts from my trip to Bali.




**Directly from Nikki’s Instagram Profile. Look how much love she gets. I liked this picture too as you can see 🙂


Your favorite pair of shoes and why?


I honestly love Giuseppe Zanotti shoes when it comes to designer but for everyday wear my style varies so it could be simple short heels or sandals. I love the fall for boots season but I definitely enjoy the summer for all of the sandal options. Living in Los Angeles, I pretty much get to enjoy wearing a variety of clothing year round but traveling means there are always new fashions to enjoy.



**Here  Mr Zanotti shoes on a red carpet. AMAZING.


What is your style, and what you cannot stand in people, inside and out?


My style is typically casual or business attire but when I do red carpets I definitely wear beaded gowns and lots of crystals. I love Jovani gowns and the majority of the red carpets I’ve down and the events I’ve hosted I’ve been wearing gowns which have a great deal of eye catching sparkle.


I’m a very honest person and I am very humble. I don’t brag or boast or name drop and I basically never walk around spouting off my resume. It’s only people who know me that know all I’ve done and they always say it’s crazy that I know everyone. That being said, I just cannot stand when people have the need to belittle others or who think that they’re superior in any way because of who they know or what they have or what they’ve done. It’s crazy that we live in a time that some people think they’re superior just because of followers on social media. I think that internal qualities are far more important than exterior and it’s usually people who are insecure that have such a need to be so abrasive to others in order to supposedly prove how important they are. I think that a beautiful mind and a beautiful spirit and a big heart is what matters much more than any external factors such as looks or material assets. I hope that more people will start to appreciate those qualities and be more open about it. 



**I absolutely love this refined yet modern style, and always a smile for everyone.


What is your fashion mantra?


My fashion mantra is that if it make you feel good, wear it! Too many people are concerned with other people think. It doesn’t matter what something cost or who the designer is, when you feel good in what you’re wearing, it shows. Your internal beliefs radiate out so when you are happy and you are confident, that is the best fashion you can wear and it is truly the best beauty secret too.


What is that magic word that speaks about you?


I love the word goddess. Women have such a strong history and there was once a time that we lived in a matriarchal society. Women rules and I feel that we are heading back in that direction. I love to own who I am and that includes embracing all that I’ve been through and sharing it with other women. I think that you must love who you are and that means loving your supposed flaws. We must embrace our strength and our vulnerability; our power and our sensuality. All women are diverse and I think we are all goddesses. There is true power and magic in that. 🙂


**Preach baby. Girl bosses recognize each other.


What is a wish that you would commit to grant this year to someone paying it forward?


I would love to grant a wish to a woman who has been abused in any way and give her a full life makeover to pay it forward. Help her find new housing, a new job, child care, health care, financial stability, a personal makeover so she feels beautiful and confident, a new wardrobe, counseling, money management, credit counseling, basically empower her in every way so she can have an entirely new life!


**I would love to help you achieve this make over process. I would be very happy to help. Thank you so much Nikki for this inspiring interview. Onward with love and GIRL BOSSES.


As always, make your dreams come true.


From Philadelphia, The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein

  • Del D
    Posted at 19:38h, 27 June

    Great interview. I enjoyed the entire article but particularly liked the final question and answer. It moves me that Nikki would go to great lengths to help an abused woman in need. It’s nice to see that she is willing to help. Thanks Simonetta for another inspiring post.

  • Melissa Carter
    Posted at 21:16h, 27 June

    Great interview and Nikki is amazing!

  • Tara Majuta
    Posted at 00:33h, 30 June

    I love this article and it’s message! As a woman and a business owner, It means the world to me to see women like Nikki setting the stage for other woman who want to follow in her shoes. Not only is she beautiful, she has a huge heart for people and an outlook on life that is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing her story!

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