Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Facial Guru Nina Bal

24 Apr Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Facial Guru Nina Bal

Give kindness and profesionalism to a woman and she will conquer the world. This is how Dr. Nina Bal showed me her value as an aesthetics doctor and a human being. Millennial mother of two, she breastfed non stop while going back to work as she” loves it too much” – she told me. She genuinly adores her patients and she is the real guru for anything you need in terms of beauty. Often, I find myself asking her advises, so here you can have her a bit too. Read her carefully and grasp everything from this wonderwoman. You’ll thank me later.



Who are you and what is Facial Sculpting about?


My name is Dr Nina Bal, I am a cosmetic dental surgeon and aesthetics doctor based in London, although of Italian and British nationality. I am the CEO and founder of  Facial Sculpting clinics in London, where I combined my medical, dental and aesthetic knowledge to offer women the very best full facial sculpting services.

Facial Sculpting is a concept rather than a procedure.



What’s the mission of your work?


My mission is to empower as many women (and men) as possible by making them look and therefore feel the very best version of themselves through my work.

I help them to bring out their internal and external beauty with a combination of smile design and Golden Ratio aesthetics work with injectables on the face.



Why do you love aesthetics?


I truly believe that the way you look is a direct reflection of how you feel.

I always loved medicine and beauty at the same time : I love to take care of myself and look at my best because I directly experienced the connection between the way I look and the way I feel.

I am so passionate about sharing the benefits of Facial Sculpting because I have seen the positive effects on myself, not only in terms of aesthetics but also of confidence and self-esteem.


“Dr Nina has seen for herself the positive effects of facial sculpting,

not only in terms of aesthetics but also in confidence and self-esteem.

This is why she is so passionate about sharing those benefits with you.

She continues to trial all our latest treatments personally so that they can

reliably advise their patients.”



What product cannot miss in your bathroom  ?


Retinol (Vitamin A) in the winter and Peptides serum all year round, the only 2 anti-ageing ingredients you can find in a skincare.



Which is your favorite skincare brand and why?


Alumier MD , a luxury medical grade skincare that smell, look and feel luxurious but also work on a deep level in your skin delivering results.



What is your style, and what can you not stand in people, inside and out?


Kindness , positive energy and a smile are the way I welcome every new client in my clinic .

I cannot stand arrogance and rudeness.


** Here we have the “Empowering Style” collection of Doctor Nina. A woma on the go who never forgets grace.







What is your aesthetic mantra?


Less is more, small subtle tweaks which overall give a great natural result.



What is that magic word that speaks about you?


Delicate but powerful sweetness and kindness.



What is a wish that you would commit to grant this year to someone paying it


I am going to help as many women I can to make them feel  and look the best they possibly can and show everyone to never give up.

Have a crystal clear vision of what you want and find a way to get there.



What is the greatest challenge you face?


Juggling between motherhood (I have 2 small children 4 years and 4 months ) and running two clinics on my own, but my kids are also my greatest motivation .

In order to be a happy mum I have to be an happy, satisfied and fulfilled woman.



** Thank you so much Dr. Nina. Please if you are in|London go and visit her. If you are in other parts of the world…still find a way to go and pay her and her clinic a visit. Again, you’ll thank me later.


For information and bookings:

Call +44 7340 093939

Email info@facialsculpting.co.uk

Website  www.facialsculpting.co.uk

Follow Dr. Nina Bal on Instagram www.instagram.com/drninafacialsculpting



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