Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Art Director & Graphic Jessica Marchegiani

15 May Empowering Style. The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein Meets Art Director & Graphic Jessica Marchegiani

I am all about daring, risking for what you believe in, and going for it. I myself took a big chance leaving my country, my comforts, my family and friends, my job, and starting all over again. I know about pain and suffering, I know the struggle and the headaches in trying to do your best, assimilate into another culture, respecting its laws and costumes and trying to find a job to support yourself. When you leave everything behind you gain something immense: you understand the power within yourself. You can find yourself chasing dreams you’ve never even thought of, and making things happen that you thought were impossible. When you find yourself and live up to your potential you become a brand. You are your own brand. Today I have with me a fighter, a believer, a dreamer and an achiever, someone that like me left everything looking for her true self. I think we can all learn a lot from this girl boss: Jessica Marchegiani.


Who are you and what is the name of your business?


Thank you Simo for giving me this opportunity. My name is Jessica Marchegiani and I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer. At the end of last year, I decided to resign from my permanent job in Milan and to follow the only real certainty about myself, my business: JM, it is my personal brand and it is the best of me.


**This woman left a tenured job as the official graphic designer and art director for one of the most important fashion companies in Italy, Alviero Martini. She is so young and talented and they loved her in Milan. After five years she felt that she was not learning anything new, and wanted to risk everything to try and create a new life for herself. I admire her, I find her work brilliant and she proves that when you believe in yourself everything is possible. Here is a  sneak peak at her business card to inspire you about how you can present yourself.



What is your brand about?


My brand is me. I would like to make my passion for fashion, design and every form of art, my life’s work. Curiosity is my strength as well as my goal. I would like to define my brand as a mood board, a collage of ideas, images, and suggestions. Working on a team is very important, but the turning point, with the tools that we have available today, is in understanding the value of you as your personal brand and to know how to “sell” yourself and your ideas. You always have to keep in mind the value you bring to a business collaboration. Discover, Innovate, Behave = Personal Brand.


**I find personal branding so close to heart, I too learned the power of being my own boss and my own brand. It is all about how much you value yourself, how much you stay humble and want to learn, and subsequently how to use that information to better yourself. An entrepreneur always has to be better, has to be curious, and must constantly be around the brightest people and the best environments. Personal branding however means going from selling a product to becoming the product. Therefore you had better start to like yourself, improve yourself, and express yourself the way you feel is true to your core.


What is your mission?


My mission is definitely to be successful so that I can transmit to everyone, and especially to my generation, that you don’t have to settle. You have to believe in yourself, set your goals, and maximize the chances of reaching them. This can only happen if you are constantly committed and focused with great dedication. That’s why you can’t talk about Personal Branding unless you are 100% convinced of how you might make a difference, how you are proposing yourself out there, and above all what you are selling. What do you do and with which results? Differentiate yourself is my motto!


**Win to inspire!


Are you a Millennial? What do you think about Millennials?


Yes, I’m a Millennial, and I’m very happy to be living in this historical and social moment. I think my generation might be the new Era. Everyone has something to say and an audience ready to listen. That is the Millennial revolution, internet. If you only think that every single minute email users send 204.000.000 messages, Google receives over 4.000.000 search queries, Blog writers post 1400 new blog posts, Facebook users share 2.460.000 pieces of content, Twitter users tweet 277.000 times, Amazon makes $83.000 in online sales, Tinder users swipe 416.667 times, what’s app users share 347.222 photos, Instagram users post 216.000 new photos, Apple users download 48.000 apps, Yelp users post 26.380 reviews, Skype users connect for 23.300 hours, Vine users share 8.333 videos, Pinterest users pin 3.472 images and You Tube users upload 72 hours of new video. You have to be very convinced and loud to start talking, but you can do it. It is something the previous generations wouldn’t have even imagine and I feel very lucky for my freedom of communicating instantly with the world.


If you are here it means that you love fashion. Why?


I am a very lucky girl, because I was born with this passion and I always knew what I wanted to do in my life. I always felt that I didn’t need to wait to become great to understand what my goals were. I never wanted to be an astronaut or veterinarian! I was always intrigued by observing people walking, talking, and how they were dressed for the occasion. Fashion to me is the expression of a personality.


**Here is my “Empowering Style” collection for Jessica. These are some of her fashion editorial campaigns that I would like to share to inspire your style in a modern, eclectic yet classy mood.



**Love the pattern of this dress and especially the dreamy mood that Jessica was able to create with this model and the location. A simple yet refined look to be remebered.



**An other killer look. Jessica is able to create dreamy pictures, intense style that makes the model pops out. Simplicity with particular details is a great way to go.



**This is a quality campaign, her style is consistent, her images say a lot about her. Always remember that your personal brand has to stand out in everything you do.


What cannot miss from your wardrobe?


Black glam rock clothes and an avant-garde pair of jeans!



Your favorite pair of shoes and why?


Definitely high heels are my passion and a pair of sneakers cannot miss, both special and on vogue. Be cool every time!




What is your style, and what you cannot stand in people, inside and out?


I can define my style with three words: glam rock with a touch of sporty! I like to take trouble over my look because it’s an extension of my personality, but I can’t give up on comfort because I live life 24/7! As I said I have a real obsession with observing people, and I usually try to imagine them in their world without judging them but getting inspired. if I really have to say something that leaves me a bit perplexed, it is definitely when I don’t see sincerity and vulgarity in general.


What is your fashion mantra?


Be you. It is not only the strongest fashion mantra but also my life mindset.


What is that magic word that speaks about you?


Hungry curiosity. I think curiosity is the most beautiful part of me.



What is a wish that you would commit to grant this year to someone paying it forward?


I like to be generous so if I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t limit myself to grant only a wish for a single person. Because of the mood of this interview, I would like to help mentoring someone to understand the strength and beauty of believing in yourself. I want to pass to that person the concept that in order to really understand life and to transform it, it can be done only starting from yourself.


**Winning to inspire and mentor other human beings is one of the most noble mission we all can have. Thank you so much to Jessica for this great interview, write her to have a chance to be mentored by her. Keep on inspiring girl!


As always, make your dreams come true.


From Philadelphia, The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein



  • LiveYourNow
    Posted at 19:54h, 16 May

    I always love your articles Simonetta, but this one tickled me particularly as literally every day I have been getting approached by people asking me for business cards/telling me to get them done, for the last week or so…. to the point I am finding it really funny!!

    Today I spoke of lacking inspiration on quite what to do. And the first image, is “Here is a sneak peak at her business card to inspire you about how you can present yourself. with a classy look from Jessica!

    A great interview as always, another wonderful guest, and this time, a rather direct message to me!!

    Look out for the signs everyone, and be BRAVE like these two amazing ladies have been…. and I haven’t…. in picking my business cards lol!!

    Thank you for the inspiration as always.
    Richie – The Wizard of Om (not business cards)

  • Simo
    Posted at 19:56h, 16 May

    Great to have inspired you-now we want to see your business cards ♥️

    Posted at 20:37h, 16 May

    As always, an inspiring interview! You can feel the passion in every article, dear Simonetta! A magic fairy makes wishes come true! Keep it up 🙂

    Posted at 20:49h, 16 May

    As always, an inspiring interview! You can feel the passion in every article, dear Simonetta! A magic fairy makes wishes come true! Keep it up 🙂

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