Empowering Style. Eco-friendly and Vegan fashion by The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein

08 Jul Empowering Style. Eco-friendly and Vegan fashion by The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein

Hey gals, and guys, it’s been some six months that for reasons of the heart I moved from my beloved Italy to America. It’s so short a time, and yet at the same time so infinite, that it’s completely revolutionising my life. Since I’ve been here in the states I’ve done nothing but continue to publish my posts and articles (in addition to finishing my second novel) and it seems that magic has taken place: everyone wants me, everyone seeks me out. I write to you as I write to my friends. That’s how I am. I’m unfiltered, and I set down my experiences just as they are. As a life choice I have decided, via my community www.desideriamo.it to help people’s wishes come true. So I want to be real and true and draw inspiration from you and your stories and at the same time inspire you too.

Turning back to us, the Italians in America are incredibly fascinating, and in Italy they go wild for an Italian who’s made it in the USA. This synergy never ceases to amaze me, yet that’s how it is. The most unexpected things happen to me. For example I flew for the first time from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, to meet a producer of one of my next fashion lines. He wants to launch a fashion line with my name. Watch this space.


I’ll need your support. When they told me this, I asked myself: “what?”. First time in California, first time I launch my own fashion label, first time in Beverly Hills where I am taken to an incredible villa to take part in a photo-shoot with one of America’s top photographers. And what’s more, for a very interesting project: The Starving Artists Project, a project in which artists are photographed free of charge to support them and influencers such as myself give their name to this great cause. A mind-blowing concept.


On that occasion they gave me various things to wear. I’ve done thousands of photo-shoots but I felt like a princess seeking Brandon’s villa and Kelly’s house by the sea in Beverly Hills 90210. I didn’t’ find them. But amongst the heaps of lovely gifts and cute things I was given to wear for the photos I fell in love with some sunglasses. Sire’s Crown Eyewear. I have a thing about colors and the unusual, and the classical black or tiger-striped glasses tend to pall after a bit, and finding a frame that’s colored and beautiful is difficult.

I’d like to tell you about them since I’m crazy about them and I’d like them to come to Italy. I like to talk about brands that I’ve never encountered on one continent or on the other since I’m always seeking to explore new things that no-one else is familiar with. In America they’re very well-known, but if you get them in Italy you’ll be amongst the first. Great, eh? Another essential for me worth knowing is that they are eco-friendly: they don’t use plastic, but wood. If you buy a pair of glasses, 100 trees around the world will be planted. I totally embrace the idea of uniting business to charity and that’s what I do too, and I support those who dedicate themselves to making this world a better place. And the lenses are spectacular, to boot. Want to see another photo from the shoot?

What do you think of them? Both pairs of glasses, the black ones with blue and red inner variations, and the pink, yellow and orange are a model called Marilyn and each one is produced in a cartoon-like style.

They start at 295 dollars a pair. For some that’s a lot, while for others it’s the right price. I think it’s an average price for a pair of glasses with an outstanding lens with the advantage that with the Euro we have a discount and moreover we are helping a cause. They can be bought exclusively online at www.sireseyewear.com

I’ve tried them and I can assure you they are very solid ad well as beautiful. Oftentimes we pay through the nose for designer frames where the designers have neglected the lens or the look of the frame.
For those dream-lovers I tell you: if I can do it, so can anyone. Believe me, I don’t have friends in high places or come from a showbiz family. I just come from a long line of hard workers. So, roll up your sleeves, and if you wish, please share your dreams with me on www.desideriamo.it at the Wishwall Foundation and we’ll grow together. (Click to make your wish come true. Write it down and send it to me).

The dress is by two of my incredible stylist friends, Jessica Harris and Mariaelena Masetti Zannini, and their design collection is Leopardessa.

You’ll find them on Instagram cas @Leopardessaxoxo
Publicist May-Wagner Public Relations Los Angeles

I wish all the best for you, always.

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    The materials in his design reveal the perception toward space, surface and volume. Moreover, he likes to use natural materials because of their aliveness, sense of depth and quality of individual. He is also attracted by the important influences from Japanese Zen Philosophy.

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