Your Drug of Choice?

11 Dec Your Drug of Choice?

What’s your drug of choice?


My name is Sebastian Terry and I’m an addict.


I don’t think I’m the only one though. In fact I often think about what other people are addicted to and whether they feel as good as I do in those moments of experimentation.


Have you ever tried something that leaves you on such an epic high that you can’t help but do it again? It’s as if without consciously choosing to, you find yourself hooked, immediately addicted to the euphoric spike and deep connection that affects your physical and emotional being in ways you never thought possible.


Me too.


Now I’m not one for peer pressuring, please hear me out, but I have a sample for you and i’ll share it at the end of this article.


What if I told you that in addition to making you feel good, my drug had the ability to change your chemical make up so that you’ll stress less, strengthen your heart, and even live longer? For the geeky ones of you out there; this stuff will boost your serotonin to such a level that in addition to an influx of endorphins common to all the usual suspects (cocaine and ecstasy etc), this high will put a smile on your face that soap won’t be able to wipe off. The oxytocin hormone will dilate your blood vessels too, meaning that your blood pressure will drop and your heart will be better equipped to deal with emotional highs and lows for days to come. Literally no come down! This stuff will even reduce your inflammation, meaning the chance of contracting things like cancer, diabetes, chronic pain and obesity will reduce, too.


Ridiculous I know. Most people peddling illicit substances will tell you anything, right?


On top of the physical stuff, imagine this; when you try this drug, you’re anxiousness will be completely replaced by such an incredible sense of purpose coursing through your veins that you’ll feel like you’re changing the world. In fact as you engage with others whilst on it, a sense of joy, alertness and positive self esteem will hit you like a well-timed slap to your face. And here’s the kicker, without even taking it, the people you’re with will feel almost the exact same way! Actually you’ll feel so tight with those around you when you’re on it, even if you’ve only just met them (we’ve all had those nights!), that your sense of connection and belonging will literally reduce your risk of heart disease. I don’t see any other class-A’s doing that for you.


Now I know there’s some of you wondering if this stuff is detectable, but don’t worry; it’s not….. unless they notice that big daft smile on your face while you’re on it. This stuff is so safe in fact that you can use this at work, at school, within the family home or actually anywhere. In fact this stuff will actually increase in work productivity, empathy, compassion and inspiration. Not only will you literally be a better person from it but those around you will benefit too. You will naturally become more trusting and others will see you in the same light. And if you really get hooked, you will actually change the lives of people for the better and in my opinion you’ll go as far as to positively make the world a better place.


So now the sell.


Of course, as always, the first one is free, but in addition to that, so to are all repeats. This drug is has no cost. It’s absolutely invisible and it’s something you can try right now.


How? Just be good to someone.


My drug of choice is kindness.


If you don’t believe me, go try it right now. It could be a offering a smile, a hug or asking someone if you can support them somehow. As soon as you say YES, you’ll start to feel the effects.


If you’re struggling to find someone, go to and search for people near you right now who need some kindness.


My name is Sebastian Terry and I’m a kindness addict.


Thank you.

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