You Are Enough

15 Jul You Are Enough

So many of us spend too much time feeling like we’re not good enough… I’ve found it difficult to delay my return to work as to me it feels like I’m failing (eh…Hannah you have 4 children one is a newborn & have been coping with post natal depression- logically I know it’s a crazy way to think but logic doesn’t tend to spend much time with self-sabotage!) It’s a negative habit and one I’ve had for almost as long as I can remember – feeling like I don’t quite measure up and that I need to be one step ahead, set the bar & my self expectations really high incase people “discover” that I’m not all they think I am.


Sometimes it shows up in obsessing about my looks, sometimes in finding it incredibly hard to ask for or accept help, sometimes in bouts of anxiety & depression. Always in piling on loads of pressure.


It’s a behaviour I don’t want to pass on to my kick ass amazing children… I’m ready to let go of it.
So seeing as we believe the stories we tell ourselves it’s time to rewrite mine


Chapter One
First sentence “I am enough.” The End.


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