What Santa couldn’t bring..the CURE

15 Jul What Santa couldn’t bring..the CURE

My wish, is the prayer I say daily is for us to have the CURE for CAIDS. I am a mommy of two beautiful souls who suffer with a CAID. I coined CAID (childhood autoinflammatory diseases) out of desperation for my son Brody who has no prognosis (I do not know how long I have him). StopCAIDnow is the first foundation (501c3) to Focuses on the mechanism of bad inflammation. We cover over 50 diseases from Cancers, Crohns, JIA, Mitochondrial, CRMO, Wegeners, Atypical Blau, Vasculitis to CANDLES disease. My son Brody before dx (diagnosed) was Told by known hospital That it was the worst pain they have seen in a baby. He has taken over an adult dose of treatments since 19.5 months (That long it took him to the right) and now the only child at children’s to have infusions twice a month. We hold on to our FAITH and live in the moment but I can honestly say I have personally Witnessed my sons suffer in pain. My oldest with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Mitochondrial has a normal pain of anything higher 20 h and uses a walker or lays inside. My youngest Brody has a normal level of 10 For His pain. They both are hanging on to the HOPE, Brody thought Santa was Bringing the CURE and cried in the morning That it was not under the tree. I have stayed strong for them inside but yes, I have my wish. I know the cure WILL HELP Those so many children and adults with CAID / SAID. We need 500k to 1 million to bring the vaccine to market. I know this is Brody’s last option and praying That I run faster than the disease. My oldest suffers and it is heartbreaking to watch, even though as we know His is not life threatening like His Brothers it is depilating. They are strong souls and the bond is beautiful. Brody and Aidan said if having Their disease helps others than they understand. I could write for days on how much I would love to have this wish come true and the why is so telling. We put candles in most everything and each celebrated the moment and wish for the same thing …. the CURE, blackberries funding for the Cure to others and help them.

Bless you for Bringing to light the candle and giving us another chance to wish !!


Roaring mom and President / Founder for StopCAIDnow

Ms. Lisa Moreno ~ Dickinson

  • Simonetta Lein
    Posted at 17:21h, 15 July Reply

    Dear Lisa I am with you and your prayers, Did you create a Crowdfunding? I think it’s the best solution. We can help you to find the best way, there are many web sites. It’s important that you make a simple video where you explain to people the problem and show them the possibility of the cure. Please think about it, I know a lot of people that succeeded. A big hug and don’t give up

  • Protea, Associazione per la tutela dei diritti umani, Italia
    Posted at 18:13h, 15 July Reply

    For Lisa: We are with you and your personal and professional cause and with all children and people are suffering so much.
    per la Community:
    Lisa, una madre e Presidente Fondatrice di “StopCAIDnow”, una fondazione che si occupa di tutte quelle sindromi infammatorie che prevedono un investimento economico per portare il vaccino sul mercato, impossibile da sostenere per i genitori e gli ammalati senza un aiuto.
    Vi invitiamo community a donare delle idee e suggerimenti per sostenere questi bambini e tutte le persone affette da tali patologie nelle loro cure della speranza.
    Se desiderate meglio comprendere la situazione, potete visitare i vari indirizzi

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