What does happiness mean to you?

14 Jun What does happiness mean to you?

What does Happiness mean to You?!
Do you know what makes you happy or are you finding it in others?
No judgement here, an honest question.


I’m sharing this with you all because I’ve realized over the years, I’d given my own happiness up.
I gave my power away.
I found happiness in the fact others were happy with what I was doing or being.
I was making them comfortable.


But what about my own happiness?
What about my own inner peace?


This is not an easy one to speak too.


Our soul journey, least for me it’s been exactly that a real journey.
Coming home to myself, finding inner peace 😌, true happiness


This work definitely isn’t easy and it’s on going, but it makes me a better & stronger human, wife, mother, friend, all the above.


I come from a place of my higher self, I work on me continuously especially when it’s hard.


Inner peace and true happiness means loving yourself to no end.
Unconditional love.


This is your reminder if you’re listening or reading,
LOVE Yourself and know your Truth.


Sending you all my love, light and style 💛🥰 🦋


PS if this resonates comment below what you’re feeling/ sharing 🥰😘💕


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