Wellness and Leadership

01 Aug Wellness and Leadership

Our wellness and confidence begins within us. For leadership advancement and learning how to be a great leader, we have to determine what is internally or externally preventing us from moving forward. We also have to determine ways to balance work and life; to improve focus, preparation, productivity and ultimately gain success.


My background is also as a Reiki practitioner and I now utilize my experience as a wellness leader and business professional to help other women:


• Build confidence and leadership skills
• Learn how to create a more efficient work-life balance
• Advance in business position/leadership role


My wish for women is to have work-life balance and the confidence to move forward and advance in their professional and personal lives.


Learn more via these links


Women’s Leadership and Work-Life Balance – 1 month program

Audio Guide – The She Shift’s Guide to Work-Life Wellness and Women’s Leadership (ISBN 978-0-9965587-5-4)

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