We-ed Take Note

03 Jan We-ed Take Note

20 years after the state of California passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana, residents can now recreationally enjoy it. California looks to bring in billions in tax revenue from marijuana and its benefits. So I’ve always been curious as to why cannabis has such a negative connotation.


My wish is for everyone in states where cannabis is legal to find a positive benefit from this legalized substance. I know I’ve used it to help me sleep, eat and even get rid of some headaches. Or on the other hand, if you’ve only seen negative effects, I’d love to hear about them. Email me your responses at andrew@wetakenote.com. Bonus wish is for the state of California. I wish that everyone who is in prison today for a non-violent marijuana charge be released immediately. California Governor Jerry Brown has already worked to make this a reality. Because he too believes that there is no reason to lock up people for a plant that is now legal.


Peace and Love,
Andrew of We Take Note for The Wishwall


Photo Credit: Rick Covey / Design Credit: Vanessa Acosta

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