We Are Products of Our Environment

02 May We Are Products of Our Environment

This past week I visited my grandmother in Middle America. I met a bunch of millennials on my adventures. Everyone was filled with hospitality and really made their home my home. Having said that there was a huge difference in their mindset vs mine as an Angeleno. California is fairly liberal so I was surprised to hear so many racial and religious epithets. This doesn’t mean everyone from that part of the country is prejudice, but I did experience more discrimination than I was expecting. Instead of judging I asked plenty of questions to learn why they thought that way. We are all products of our environment and most of the time that is where these epithets come from.


My wish is for you to step out of your bubble. I want you to meet some people you don’t agree with and find out how you can find commonalities. I want you to try and change the pendulum just a bit. If we can share our viewpoints with others we can work to come together and make the world a more accepting place


Peace and Love,
Andrew of We Take Note for The Wishwall


Photo Credit: Emaze

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