Twitter for business, entrepreneurship and beyond

21 Apr Twitter for business, entrepreneurship and beyond

I am honoured to be asked to write a quick piece on entrepreneurship for Simonetta and Akasha’s new blog. So, I will share with you my experience of Twitter & getting started on a passion/project!


Firstly, this is how I view Twitter…
(Field image: You can see across it!). It’s the longest river in Great Britain (Severn), with the second largest tidal range on the planet! It’s one of the world’s great natural wonders & a “Special Area of Conservation” – here it heads out to join the Atlantic Ocean)


It is like being perched upon open rolling hills & fields, but instead the hills & fields are a metaphor for friends, networks, contacts and opportunities. In the distance of this wonderful vista you can see where the river of opportunity marries with the ocean of potentiality.
Within these few paragraphs I hope this metaphor inspires you to begin fulfilling your potential. For there is a world of opportunity that awaits you! I am proof of this. I am conversing, directly, to everyone who reads this, as a result of using the following exact methodology! And to you, my existing and future friends, I offer 4 quick points, & my wish for each and every one of you…


1. Find something you are passionate about! – Not sure what it is? Sit mindfully. Think of what makes you HAPPY. Even in times of dark turmoil, it is possible to hone in on this – in fact during those times it can be crucial to do exactly that. Remember, you are reading this because you’re passionate about making something of your life, making a difference, fulfilling your potential. Sit with those feelings, and allow your intuition from this mental point to guide you to your passion. Just like mindfulness with me, it may be something entirely unexpected!! Me being a mindfulness guide is not what I (or many people around me for that matter) imagined I’d be doing, that’s for sure!


So trust your confident mind. And begin taking steps as your instincts and intuition guide you. Come from a place of knowing YOU CAN. Begin to act as if it’s already happening – and do not underestimate the enormous power this simple methodology holds.


2. Speak to people! – That is all networking truly is, authentic communication, from a place of authenticity, you WILL find the people who resonate with your projects/ideas. Be positive, listen to others, hear their stories, share knowledge and give openly and you will make an impact. Nervous? Pardon my bluntness here, but so what? If you think everyone is confident speaking, no one else has anxiety, or worries, or insecurities, then I am delighted to tell you you’re wrong 😉 – Unless you are basically, not human, everyone has them & you never know who you can help with just some kind words of empathy. You’ll often find it works vice versa – and surprisingly often it can lead to exciting paths for all involved!


3. Stop trying to be perfect! *Ahem* This isn’t an easy lesson to learn, but when starting out, stop aiming for perfection – just get STARTED! I began Live Your Now a year ago, in that time I’ve grown it to over 27 thousand followers. I am not a perfect mindfulness guide, I am not a perfect NLP Master Practitioner, or hypnotist, or musician, or 3-D designer etc. – and neither are you a perfect xyz – it’s not possible! Too much aiming for perfection can render you stuck. This actually hinders your education & development in what you do love doing, because goals become unrealistic and not-believable to you – and then frustrating – and then negative procrastination (there are healthy kinds) – and then nothing gets done. And then you get annoyed with yourself… and then you put pressure on yourself… etc etc ad infinitum, we all know where that goes.


Nowhere. Fast.


4. Stress is natural, embrace it: WHAT?! I hear a few scream!
Yes, you will get stressed, and yes things will be difficult. But, if you have that knowing inside that you must continue, then continue! (Only you know for sure) – I have chopped and changed Live Your Now’s focus, marketing, artwork etc. numerous times now – I got stressed, at times the air went blue, (yes mindful guides can still swear…) at times I even walked away wanting to give up. Accept stress is part of what you’re doing. The more you practice allowing stress to be there, not judging it, or yourself, or taking crap from others who assign it to you as part of your “personality” (been there), the less it will actually affect you. And sometimes, a bit of adrenaline, with practice, can be channeled into direct positive actions. After all, adrenaline pumps you up. It’s not always a bad thing. It’s how you perceive it and use it – and how you relate to it. Mindfulness is absolutely (IMO – and I’ve tried a few methods…) the best way to work with this.
So onto my wish for you….
Be BRAVE! Be creative! Be kind and good to yourself, and to others. Have a product/service that you’re passionate about. Get out there and SHARE IT!
The extra mile truly is a quiet road – but there are some absolutely incredible people on it!
So what are you waiting for? Why not make an intuitive start, no matter how small, or insignificant you may feel it is – right now.


I believe you have everything within you, that you need, to succeed. I believe in YOU.
To your best life, always
Richie @LiveYourNow
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