Together we can make a difference

14 Mar Together we can make a difference

Do you have what it takes to make a difference in the world? Of course, you do! Every one of us is put in this world to contribute. No matter age, religion or background, you can make an impact. No matter how large or small, each effort makes an important difference. You can change the world by helping one person at a time. Simply having the desire to make a difference in the world is enough to start your journey.


You don’t have to be like Gandhi or Mother Theresa, everyone has the capability of making a difference. It is our responsibility to seek ways to contribute. Start small and local just by adding value to the community where you live. By showing concern and love to the people around you, it will cause a ripple effect of positive feelings and spread out into the world. Can you imagine if everyone just did this?


You already have what it takes to make the world a better place. The greatest thing that you can do to make a difference in the world is to be yourself. Be happy with yourself, love yourself. Happiness and love are the two greatest gifts you can give to the world so start within you.


Empower and influence people around you by starting to do things that make a difference. And the best way to convince other people is to lead by example. Every effort counts, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. Just do something, and do something good.


I invite you to join in service, at least for one day, on Make A Difference Day this October 28.


Here are just a few suggestions:




1. Brighten walls – and smiles – at the local senior center.
2. Got a favorite game? Teach it to younger kids.
3. Organize a canned foods drive and take to a food pantry.
4. Share your talents with others.
5. Donate your gently used clothing and items to a local shelter.
6. Donate party leftovers to a soup kitchen.
7. Donate your old books to a school library.




1. It’s your birthday! Give a gift to someone in need.
2. Share your lemonade stand $$$ with your favorite worthy cause!
3. How about a toy drive for kids stuck in the hospital?
4. Get a haircut! And give your ponytail to Locks of Love.
5. Got old sports equipment? Bring it to your local Parks & Rec!
6. Calling all chefs! Bake cakes and donate the proceeds.
7. Feed your furry friends at the animal shelter…drop off a bag of food!
8. Time is precious…share a bit of yours to help others.
9. Kind words lift spirits…give a compliment and lift yours too.




1. Compost your fruit and veggie scraps…and watch your garden BLOOM!
2. Help save a gazillion disposable water bottles…use reusable bottles!
3. Save a tree! Use both sides of your notebook paper.
4. Reuse, recycle. Reuse, recycle. Reuse, recycle.
5. Walk, bike or use public transportation.
6. Pick up trash in your community!
7. Grow a community garden.
8. Plant some trees.
9. Use fabric bags instead of plastic!
10. Save water and tons of $$$ – turn off the water when you brush teeth!




1. Make some PB&J and hand out to the homeless or a soup kitchen!
2. Visit folks at the senior center and ask about the amazing things they’ve witnessed.
3. Want to change the world? Practice random acts of kindness.
4. Say “please” and “thank you!”.
5. Lead by your good example.
6. New kid at school? Eat lunch with them!
7. Volunteering? Invite your friends and family along.
8. Have an older neighbor? Rake their leaves or shovel their sidewalk!
9. Visit an animal shelter.
10. Make soldiers smile…send letters & goodies!
11. There’s nothing like a warm hug…share one today.
12. Show gratitude and write thank you notes!
13. Share a home cooked meal – and cheerful chat – with a home bound person.
14. See somebody struggling with heavy bags or boxes? Lend a hand.
15. Active voters make our country great. Ensure adults in your life are registered!
16. Adorable pets await loving homes! Where? The animal shelter…tell your friends and family!
17. Brighten the world…smile often!


My wish for you is to know that you CAN make a difference in the world, you just must do something!


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss


If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~Mother Teresa


Mary Beth Iannarella


Girl Talk Marlton/ The Wishwall Foundation

  • Ashley
    Posted at 16:32h, 14 March Reply

    Everyone definitely DOES have the ability to change the world. This article is a brilliant example of that. Thanks for writing such insightful Girl Talk Marlton team!

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