To Transform From An Adult To A Kid In This Today

30 Nov To Transform From An Adult To A Kid In This Today

To transform from an adult to a kid child again in this generation and transform from age 33 to age 6 in 2018 A Rich One And To Be Born In 2012 Not 1985


Change My Birth Year From 1985 To 2012. I Wish I Was Born Later Than 1985 Later Than The 80s period way later I can enjoy childhood better than before I didn’t want to enjoy childhood in the 80s. I didn’t like it If I had to be born the 80’s it could’ve been 1989 but I prefer 2012. I wish to stop getting older and get younger and reverse aging and age backwards magic spell god and this generation will be better for my childhood.


I want my childhood back so I can play with other kids in this generation and enjoy Jojo siwa running around and play all day and bouncing in the bounce houses and crawling in the crawl tubes sitting on Santa’s and the Easter Bunny 🐇


Lap And Trick Or Treating On Halloween 🎃 And Going To Chuck E Cheese And Kids Parties And Writing Fan Mail To The Kids That Do YouTube Videos And Clowns For My Birthday 🎂


And Clowns Period And Just being a kid again in this generation a rich one.

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