The Wish I had through Fashion

17 Nov The Wish I had through Fashion

Hello Everyone,

Its not every day that you get to share your life story, your passion or what you do for others. However- today I decided to share my story for fashion, helping others and making a difference in the lives of those who has impacted my life beyond words. So, with that being said, here is my story:


I have accomplished many things in my life, but one of the greatest things I have ever done was taking a leap of faith and following my own heart. Two summers ago, I decided that I wanted to spend 3 weeks in Cambodia “alone” crazy right? I know…. The reason I wanted to go was because I just wanted to give love, play with the kids, and provide a simple meal each day that I was there.


My main goal was to provide a hot meal every day for three weeks no matter how many showed up. With a help from my dearest family and friends who made this trip possible, I was able to feed everyone daily, take sick kids to the hospital, bought over 200 pair of shoes for the kids and adults who didn’t have any, gave kids showers with shampoo and conditioner for the first time, payed for kids school, bought school supplies, payed for their late rents, bought school bikes for families, had a birthday party and created so many memories that changed my life forever.


With my doubts and fears, I decided to pack my bags and travel alone to one of my favorite places in Asia, Cambodia. Little did I know the plans the Lord had for me, the daily tears, the struggle with the food, the loneliness at night time when I would leave the slums to a nice warm shower and a hot meal, while thinking that many kids that I had encountered that day didn’t have a bed to sleep on or a meal for the next day. I struggled with accepting that in America, kids have everything and they still take it for granted, school is free, food is given by Government, Health Care is provided and that you are free to become who ever and whatever you want.


I struggled with accepting that I have been blessed in my whole life because I have all the things I need and more. I have a home to come home too, I had a nice bed, hot water, clean water to drink, medical, dental and a job that I love. I struggled with not being able to help more, give more or provide a better future for them. Every single day I wanted to change so many lives, I wanted to feed everyone “and trust me the crowds got bigger each day,” I wanted to take everyone to the hospital, I wanted to build homes, schools, I wanted to buy the sandals so they wouldn’t be walking around the slums through needles barefooted every single day because they didn’t have one pair of shoes to cover their feet, clothe to cover their little bodies on a raining or hot day.


There was so much I wanted to do and I wasn’t able to, but one thing I was fortunate to do was to providing a meal every day with the help of my new local friends who would cook daily to help me feed them. Every single day I was able to provide a meal and that brought so much joy into my heart and that was enough for me. So to everyone who prayed for me, donate and followed me on this journey, thank you.


You have no idea how much my life has changed because of this trip and as I sit here in bed, I am thinking ” when will I be able to do this again? Where would God take me next?… Sometimes in life you just have to listen to the Lords calling and never miss an opportunity to love, give and share whatever you have, even if it’s just a smile or a hug. Just remember when you are having a bad day, someone else is fighting for their lives, health and to just survive. So, today I am so grateful for every single one of you and please keep me on your prayers as I feel once again lead to take another trip where ever God takes me sometime soon.


P.S So, long story short, just watch this short video of Gods work and hope you are just as moved as I was. When you think you have it bad, just remember someone always has it worst!!!!



  • Eva Gudim
    Posted at 18:30h, 19 November Reply

    Dear Leni,
    You’re a fantastic girl! I was moved to tears by your story and your video. Thank you for sharing this with us. If each and everyone of us would has given even a little part of himself/herself to the world, how different it would be. I wish you a lot of success for the future. Keep up on what you’re doing, keep showing up with love, and grace and joy to make the world a better place. You inspire us to do the same❤️

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