The Virtue of Science

31 Oct The Virtue of Science

Imagine you’re in a small African village ravaged by a deadly strain of malaria. What if you could find a treatment that could prevent infection and positively impact their lives and their community. How would that make you feel?


Replace that story with any problem plaguing society today. It could be pollution, hunger, housing, mental illness, or anything that affects you most deeply. What if you could pick your problem and solve it?


The great news is that’s there something that can do just that. It’s called science. And while we still can’t answer every question, science brings the hope of a solution.


Scientist are often driven by a passion created by something deeply personal. I’m no different. From a young age, I loved science. I grew up in poverty with limited resources, but science excited me because it held the possibility of an amazing future.


As I grew older, I discovered more problems I hoped science would one day solve. From my father’s battle with AIDS to close relatives struggle with mental illness, I directly confronted life’s battles. I faced them head-on with the belief science could one day fix it. Now, I teach, and I write. It’s my hope to share that optimistic vision with the world and the next generation.


While nothing will solve all your problems, science makes it easier. Whatever it is that’s got you down, there is hope for a solution. Until then, learn to be grateful for what you have. Appreciate the small things. Look forward to the day when you have the privilege to solve a different problem because science will have solved many of the ones you have now. Don’t let a single day go by when you aren’t thankful for the hard work science has saved you.


Roy Huff

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