The Millennial Hustle

13 Aug The Millennial Hustle

We, the Millennials, were brought up in a world of technology where options are endless and we’re told to reach for the stars, that anything is possible. However, sometimes the real world isn’t so welcoming to the innocent dreamer. It can be an unkind place which impedes and discourages us from reaching our full potential.   I wrote The Millennial Hustle: Life Through the Eyes of a Millennial with faith that it would influence those who are fearful or hesitant of pursuing their life passions. The ones who may feel like they’re not following the “correct protocol” of life. I want Millennials and surrounding generations alike to uphold their ambitions and work towards making them happen. I want readers to understand why we are doing things so differently than generations preceding us when it comes to religion, education, work life, dating, marriage and babies (just to name a few) – I have it all covered!   In my book, one of my favorite chapters is chapter one, Who We Are, where I offer insight on Millennials. I break down how we are perceived and what makes us so captivating!   “We want the adventurous life, the exciting life, the rewarding life. We want to make the world a better place for ourselves and our peers. Millennials have been set up with the idea that anything is possible – so we simply do not take no for an answer. We see people’s criticism and doors slammed in our face as fuel for our ambition. If there is a way, we’ll find it. If there is not a way, then we will make one.”p.16   The Millennial Hustle is a feel-good read that discusses our everyday life in a way that is perfect for easing anxiety and wandering or inquisitive minds. I want to reassure readers with the message that our routine is the new foundation for something miraculous and that dreams are worth going after.   Through my writing, I have made it my goal that we embrace our differences and unique lifestyles in order to shatter all fear and doubt; which ultimately hinders us from following our dreams and living life to the fullest! Chase The Millennial Hustle!   Author: Traci Propst Photography: Ashley T. Hughes

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