The Joy Project

22 Jun The Joy Project

My wish is to find more JOY, feel it and share it with others.Life is here,it is a gift & it is now. Don’t exist, don’t simply survive & don’t wait. Don’t miss out on all the amazing moments happening around you this instant.


Because it’s all to easy to think we live in a world filled only with hate, to get caught up in daily stresses,our own negativity & in striving for perfection in waiting to start living- There is another way & that is why I created the Joy Project.


Two years ago I was so consumed with crippling anxiety & negative thoughts about myself & my body that I’d reached a point where I no longer felt I deserved to be alive- despite the fact that from the outside my life & I seemed perfect. With nothing left to lose & hoping I could get to a better place for my children I decided to create a 6 month experiment & follow daily triggers including gratitude, kindness to others & kindness to myself to see if small mindset changes could become habits that might change my life.


These small changes made an enormous difference & completely transformed the way I felt, becoming something I “had” to share & so the Joy Project was born.Born also because life is always going to throw stressful situations at us, we are always going to have days when everything seems to be going wrong & when we don’t like ourselves very much – I’m a self employed, imperfect perfectionist, mum to Jess, Leon & baby Charlie believe me some days I bypass joy & shout and cry a lot-BUT once you start following the Joy triggers you know that when you are ready you can get back on the joy track.


Join me as I share the highs & lows of my journey, cheerlead you & the Joy Project community on yours

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