The Forever Kind of Love

22 Jan The Forever Kind of Love

I wish for the person I’ve been dreaming and thinking about to fall in love with me, to miss me , to think about me the same way I think
about her. I want to enjoy this persons company, want to kiss them on the cheek, on the nose just for a giggle. I want to pull over to the side of the road at random, and make out with them and whisper how beautiful they are in their ear. Then pull back out onto the road like it never happened. I want to sit on a blanket at night in a field and count the stars at my favorite park, holding their hand and kissing their neck. I want them to look at me as their forever love and ask me to marry them. My insides grow warm with delight when they rub my back, they share how they feel about me, and they always want to be around me. How beautiful it is to see the dilation of their pupils when they look into my eyes. I roll over and wake up to see them watching me sleep, or caressing my bare skin under the covers.
How close they want to be to me, how they want to be a part of everything they do. How much they consider my feelings before anyone else in their life. I want that kind of forever.
I want the early morning breakfast in bed, the mid day lunch and movie and the dinner and dancing type of dates. The cuddling on the couch with a romantic comedy, holding hands and putting our legs over each others our bodies swimming in a big fluffy comforter.
A pizza from our favorite restaurant is on its way. Watching the same shows and movies, laughing at the same jokes made on t.v.
We love being with each other, they tell me how important I am all the time. I want that forever kind of love.
Sitting in a church pew, taking notes on the sermon, they reach over and caress my leg. I meet their eyes and they raise their eyebrows, which means we get to have a little naked fun later after church. They want to please me in the bedroom, making my pleasure they first thing on their mind. The scent of their hair gets me excited, and I want to feel their hands on my body. Naked or not.
The sound of my favorite song plays in the background of our lovemaking.
I sleep for hours and always feel wanted with them in the other room. I can’t imagine revealing my inner true self with anyone else but them. I want that forever kind of love. It exists. I feel it every single day.

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