Thank You

30 Oct Thank You

It’s so easy to spend our time focusing on what is wrong with and lacking from our lives instead of seeing all that we have.
Gratitude was (I’m ashamed to say) a relatively new concept to me when I read about it in The Secret three years ago. Though if you’d asked me I’m sure I would have said I was an optimistic and thankful person.


However I spent a lot of time stressed out, focused on lack and rushing around from one worry to another.I was obsessed with losing weight & critical of my body – now I wonder how I ever expected it to respond to my efforts when I never thanked it for all it did for me on a daily basis.
Starting a gratitude list was truly a life changing moment…at first I would struggle to think of things and write basics like running water, toothpaste, deodorant! But quickly it became clear that once you start it’s hard to stop and that saying thank you instantly fills up your heart with joy.


I’ll admit(as I have in previous posts) that there are times when depression enters my life & thinking of all that I have to be thankful for makes me feel more guilty for feeling so low, but as with all feelings like waves they pass by and then gratitude comes back as the joy trigger which is medicine for my soul.


Would love you to join me in creating a daily gratitude list (start with 3 things in the
morning and 3 at night)


As always let me know your thoughts over at

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