Teaching Entrepreneurship To Low Poverty Countries

08 May Teaching Entrepreneurship To Low Poverty Countries

I want to create and maintain a Non-Profit organization that helps equip entrepreneurship in countries with less economic opportunity. Many people in other countries have a skill and the ability to create goods and services to help their community. Through my workings with freelancers on Fiverr, I came to understand that these people understand their craft and that they can feed their families with their skills but I fear that they lack the fundamental business skills that we take from granted in the USA. I want to teach hopeful business owners how to truly build themselves and their community using the same business strategies we use in the USA. I do not want to just give these people a fish, I want to teach them to fish. I have already started efforts on my own to create pages for a few candidates I hand chose but I fear that I can not complete this task on my own.

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