Success Is Defined by You

05 Sep Success Is Defined by You

Success is Defined By You


Success is talked about all the time. We strive for success, we aim for success, we always hear people say, “When I am successful.” There are a few things I think about success.


First, success is not universal; it is defined by each person. Whether it’s a monetary goal, or you’ve accomplished goals on your life list-maybe you’ve educated or inspired people, or you’ve had a major impact and changed someone’s life-success has its own definition for each person. I like to point out that you may have small successes each day. Recognize those and embrace them. Small accomplishments are a success too. I say this because I always hear people say, “When I’m successful or when I get here,” when the fact is that a lot of people have already gained successes, but are not enjoying them or seeing them at that moment. Recognize them, enjoy them and have gratitude. Your success is what achievement means to YOU!


Success also happens at all different times. It could constantly be happening for you, but you need to acknowledge it. When you find your own definition of success, you will experience true joy and happiness. Never be sorry for your successes! Stop walking on eggshells and start walking on clouds of excellence. Be proud of your accomplishments and pat yourself on the back. Be humble, yet proud. Success happens in different stages of business and life. Success may be now, during or later in your business or life, but embrace all great experiences, and your gratitude will attract more opportunities.


My wish for women is that they will determine their own definition of success.


Melissa Clark, founder, The She Shift

  • Linda Gillan
    Posted at 00:37h, 07 September Reply

    By whose measure SUCCESS ? celebrate ALL of your achievements – big and small

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