The St. Michael Project

17 Apr The St. Michael Project

“The St. Michael project”


We are a newly organized group of advocates for veteran assistance programs. Our small group, comprised of military service Veterans and advocates for the same, hail from all parts of the states of Missouri and Oklahoma. We are a registered nonprofit charitable organization in Missouri (CO-488-16). We are also currently in the process of incorporating in the state of Oklahoma.


Our mission is to use 100% of the volunteer and donated resources to host large fundraising events such as music festivals and concerts. The proceeds from the large events will benefit and fund organizations with existing assistance programs.


The Ideology behind our mission is our belief that it’s hard to run a veteran assistance program by panhandling and begging for donations. Our Mission alleviates strain from the organizations that physically operate shelters and other programs and will also be much more effective for raising awareness to the issues that face our veterans.


We are brand new this year, and we’re going to build our “brand” strong to serve the men and women that fought for our right to do this or anything else we’re allowed in this free country! We currently need help raising awareness to our mission. People need to know we exist!

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