Small Steps Get to Big Places

22 Jan Small Steps Get to Big Places

Want to bring about positive changes in your life?


Set long term sustainable goals, don’t try and change everything in an instant. Quick fixes and fads ALWAYS lead to disappointment.


Going from no exercise at all and a takeaway every night to working out 2 hours a day and no processed foods is likely going to leave you feeling deflated when you can’t keep it up.


Really think about what your motivation is, write it down and put it where you can see it every day.
Maybe its health, your children or most importantly to feel good about yourself.


Cheer yourself on…focus on your success’s not the perceived “failures” and if you can find a coach who will motivate & cheer you on at the times you don’t feel like doing it! It doesn’t have to be in person lot’s of coaches provide online or text coaching.


Look for the good in now – you might want to change everything about your life or your body but it is what it is right now and being grateful for that is a really positive place to start.


Remember that the longest journeys start with small steps. It’s true what they say – “A year from now you may wish you started today.”


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