Shine Through in any Season

25 Jul Shine Through in any Season

“Wherever you go, be ready to shine through in any conditions.” ~ Akasha Lin Garnier


Hope your planning and projects are going well! I know I need to take a sunshine break, walk or sail when the weather conditions are perfect. Do you? How do you stay motivated
for projects and goals?
I find I’m able to get back on track after a healthy break. I wish that you’ll find ideas that may help you too (and apply your sunscreen of course)!


Voila, 7 bright ways to stay motivated in the sunshine:


You know what your project is trying to achieve. Make sure everyone else does too…


We also take time to be real and share the journey, not just the illusion of overnight success. Sharing these moments are a way to help you #shinethrough. (More detail in my #shinethroughthenoise book series and in a seminar in negotiation.)


Check out the update to this wish below.

One Nation. One Wish.


Thanks for reading and we welcome comments below!


Photo by AkashaLin.


Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
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