Saving Wildlife Refuge & Home

16 Feb Saving Wildlife Refuge & Home

I have a beautiful place with 15 acres that is home for me, my dogs, cats, parrots & lots of wildlife for 24 years. This land is home to herds of Deer, flocks of Turkey, Fox, Hawk & many animals who find safety here. I grew up learning to be a steward to all things living. My Mom taught me to look after those who could not look after themselves. Animals, people, any living being in need could always find respite here. I feed those in need, clothe those who are cold & shelter any who would ask, even when I now find myself with little left to share.

After awakening in Oct 2011 & finding my 80 yr old Mother lying on the kitchen floor, I learned that she had a catastrophic brain hemorrhage. From that moment, my world changed forever. After frightening days in ICU & weeks of tests, evals & therapy, against all odds & medical explanation & with months of therapies, Mom survived this event & left the hospital. The experts gave her less than a year, but even so, that was a better outcome than losing her imminently. She not only surpassed all expectations medically & physically, learned to speak again, to swallow again, to communicate again and went on to survived for nearly 5 years after the event, & left me just before her 85th Birthday.


She needed 24/7 care, was unable to function on her own, but enjoyed those years tremendously while I looked after her, even with her limitations & paralysis. After insurance coverage & savings were depleted to pay for her care, Nurses, equipment and needs, I was forced to borrow money on the home we owned for over two decades, leaving me indebted for the first time in over 4 decades. At that point, there seemed little to think about. She was my Mom & I had to assure she was properly cared for, comfortable & loved to the best of my abilities. Meanwhile, my own health declined.


I suffer from a dangerous heart issue, neurological impairment & medical limitations which keep me fairly close to home. I am disabled and have no way to repay what was borrowed. Homelessness is becoming a reality for me, which will also remove my support for those I have offered shelter & respite, including all of the wildlife. If I cannot find some good souls who will help me to save this, many lives will change. I am terrified that my fur & feather-kids & I will soon be without shelter. Where will we go & who will feed, protect & watch over all of the wildlife who depend on this place & me for safety & refuge from hunters, trappers & low food supplies?


Please, help me so that I may continue to be a helper & steward to others in need. I will pay it forward many times, in many ways if I can find a way out of this setback.

  • Ashley
    Posted at 15:48h, 31 March Reply

    So sorry to hear about your mother! This is such a beautiful story of growth and perseverence. It’s so beautiful to read that you will be paying it forward from here on out as well. We at The Wishwall are sending many blessings your way!

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