Rise & SHINE

21 Aug Rise & SHINE


Why is it so easy to put all our self worth into the number on the weighing scales or clothes tag? So easy to compare ourselves to magazine images and bodies on our Instagram feeds…yet so difficult to look beyond it all and celebrate the amazing beauty in our uniqueness?



I’d love to say I have a super positive relationship with my body -now much better than it was, having created a six month mindset experiment which had the unexpected success of ending my eating disorder- but truth is it’s been up and down. For the first few weeks after baby Charlie was born it was definitely more down than up (crazy ideas of hunting down jeans at 5 weeks post partum where never going to end well) but as my confidence began to diminish decided that enough was enough and to again try harder at being a friend my body. To smile at my reflection and say thank you for the miracles it performs every second of every day.


And you know what? It’s working. All of a sudden I’ve found myself with a “pep in my step” ready to live now rather than postponing joyful life until I can fit into the denims!


What do I wish?


That everyone would wake up, look themselves in the eye and smile. To be proud of who they are now. To fill themselves up so full with love that it radiates out to everyone they meet. I wish it for my daughter, my sons, for you and for me. Because life is too precious to waste it hiding in the background putting ourselves down. Be a friend to you and your body and the photo shopped images, filtered Instagram pics, size on the clothes tag, number on the scales they all lose their power over you as dies that nasty critical voice in your head.


Let’s show ourselves the love and respect we show to others. Let’s rise and SHINE. Starting now because a little extra shine every day will soon become a SPARKLE.

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