Rewriting my life

11 Jan Rewriting my life

I wish that my life would restart and all the things I have written in my list of what I should’ve done and what should’ve happened in my life (especially in my brain) had happened. I will become a new person as I grow up. I will be able to watch, listen to, write and read whatever I want without any of those things decaying in my brain. I will be a happy man who has a life worth living. My doodle will always enlarge, every time I look at what I want to happen to me. I will see every movie I’ve wanted to see. All my Christmases will be merry. I will never get over my fear of any character, even if I write down their names. No titles or authors will decay in my mind when I write them in my list of my favourite things. My brain won’t go funny like having the fear of people swearing or feeling like eBooks are written by someone else.

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