Resetting my brain

22 Dec Resetting my brain

I wish that my brain will reset back to normal. I will still have my memories, but they will all feel new to me. All the memories that I lost because of ECT will come back in my mind. I will no longer think irrational thoughts and all the times I did have those thoughts will just be memories. I will be able to wear my clothes again, sleep in my bed again, sit on couches again, sit anywhere at the table again, touch things again, and watch, read and listen to anything again. It’ll be like I never wrote down the character’s name or my list of favourite things. When I do write down characters’ names or titles (especially when I list them as my favourite), they won’t decay. The sounds and music coming out of every electronic will be reset back to normal in my brain. My doodle will enlarge again when I think about feeling cartoon animal feet, tentacles, snake coils, and vines, as well as getting merperson fins, and other things, and all of that will make me wet myself again. There will be no thoughts interfering with other thoughts. Old movies won’t decay while I’m watching a cartoon. I will have no list for a movie to remind me of. No show or movie will make my doodle shrink as I watch them, or if a thought of them pops into my head. My brain will feel comfortable anywhere in the world, and will not have too much pressure on it.

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