Remembering the past

28 Dec Remembering the past

for myself i wish for a chance of luck to prove to my family and my fiance that i am her chosen. I wish i could give my daughter more then just my time.
I wish that i can get what the destiny is longed for. I wish for financial gain and soon, i want to be a reason again i want to be the person i remember. I dont want to be depressed anymore i dont want to feel hurt and worthless all the time. I want to help people spiritually and emotionally. I want to change the world and i want my family to be hole again and all wounds to be healed.
I sometimes wish to just turn the clock back exactly 18months from now. A do over another opportunity of not letting my Sickness my mental exceptency take over.

Please make my wish come true, i Beg i want to start a organisation for young and new dads, a open platform of connecting sharing a place you feel safe and share your thoughts knowing you will be treated as a brother a equal and not judged on you past snd thaughts.

God showed me and saved me for a reason, i know i will male a change a positive and meaningful change it the world. I pray i make it to see what that reason is. But i know it will be Great.

Please help me, your help will be rewarded and maybe part of something bigger then what we think.

If this doesn’t work. Thank you for helping me knowing what i really want.

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