Real Women Support Other Women.

26 Feb Real Women Support Other Women.

Real women who support other women. We raise each other up instead of tearing each other down. Please read that again. It’s more rare than you think. My wish this week is to inspire you to uplift, love, and support others. Even if you are not where you would like to be in life, simply pause for a moment. We are not in this life alone, so it’s incredibly important to support one another. No matter what you’re going through right now, there’s something to celebrate.


Maybe one of your friends just got engaged. Or your cousin just worked her butt off and finally got that big promotion. Meanwhile, your life is not so exciting….you dislike your 9-5 job, but you remain optimistic. And here’s why—


There is something beautiful that happens when you can take a step back and help empower another person. Think about it like this: In a month, a year…. When your life is going great, you want other people to celebrate your successes, correct? The same thing goes for other people in your life. Right now. So share the love.


What does this look like? Maybe it’s a thank you note to tell somebody exactly how special they made you feel with a birthday gift. Perhaps it’s hugging your best friend when she’s having a bad day. Or maybe it’s something as simple as giving your mom a compliment.


Did you know that one of the most underused but important phrases is “Good job! I’m proud of you.” Why not say that today? Over the phone, in a text message or in person. If nothing else, go on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and pay someone a compliment. And keep it tasteful please. LOL. This world REALLY needs more positivity. Life is short, but our conversations and genuine interactions do not have to be.


Love one another and help raise each other up, because we are all in this together. With love, so much love. This is my weekly wish to you from Dallas, TX. xo, Laura

  • Zoubera
    Posted at 16:03h, 30 August Reply

    Thank you ladies for inspiring and empowering other ladies
    Love, Love, Love

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