Purple Prose-Art is the way to express yourself

29 Sep Purple Prose-Art is the way to express yourself

I want people to know my artwork.
The society still does not accept such careers because they feel it is not at all productive.

But I want them to understand that we are all in ourselves an art and art is one of the best ways to express ourselves.
I am not good with words but I can express myself through a piece of art. IT IS ALL ABOUT GIVING DREAMS A CHANCE’ like Ms. Lein says 🙂
Be what you want to be, and not what the society wants. Lead a life you would feel proud of when you are eighty! A life that you can look back as a pleasant journey in itself.

FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. Nothing will let you fly higher than your passion. Its a blessing. Be courageous enough to fight for your dreams. Teach people to value them.

Honestly, to all the people reading this. I do not know what impact this little writing is going to create on you. May be I have made some difference. If I have, please do follow me on instagram @purpleprose31 or like my page on facebook.

Lastly, Thank you The Wishwall for publishing it <3

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