Provide A Safe Home For Children in India’s Slums

03 Feb Provide A Safe Home For Children in India’s Slums

My dream is to rescue as many children possible from the slums in India and provide them with a safe, nurturing home. I want to provide education, medical care, and life skills so that they can break free from poverty.


My name is Beth. I was raised as a missionary kid and have traveled to ten countries so far. I grew up seeing children begging on the streets, whole families living in homes made from pallets and cardboard boxes, and people sleeping on the dirty streets while surviving on scraps they pulled out of the trash pile.


The world is full of need, but there is something about India that pulls on my heart like nothing else. It breaks my heart in two when I think of small children growing up without a clean place to lay their heads at night or a kind adult to care about their destiny.


The first thing I want to do is to travel to India to see the slums first hand. After that, I would like to set up a first home that would care for a dozen kids. I would need to provide full time workers, and I would need travel to India a couple times of year to check in on things. I do already have a couple of contacts in India who I would like to work with.


I would want to multiply this model as many times as possible in order to care for as many kids as we can.


Thanks so much for your consideration, Beth L Olson

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