To Protect Human Rights from Pornography

06 Feb To Protect Human Rights from Pornography


Thank you firstly, Simonetta, for guiding me here. The Wish Foundation is truly an innovative and inspiring concept. and I’m very grateful to have this opportunity.

My wish is a rather big one as it branches into the sphere of legislation.  I am UK based but my hope spans the global. Before I continue I want it to be known that I am not talking from an outside perspective and I guess that’s why I feel so impassioned.  I used to be a glamour model and in the UK it means working within the sex industry. It derived from a decision in my teens to earn easy money as I left home young having had a bad relationship with my mother.  In the time of experiencing a multitude of instances that fall within the umbrella noun ‘glamour-model’, I was filmed for gonzo pornography.  This has had a devastating effect on my life and I’m full of regrets.

I’m older and wiser now, am studying for a PhD, and a dedicated feminist, humanist and writer.  The time I spent in that industry gave me an idea of the morbid sexualised gender imbalance that exists which transpires to women being used and abused for money, for industry, under the guise of the sexual entitlement banner which is a trick.

My wish doesn’t eradicate pornography as I feel it has a place in alignment with our treasured liberal sensibilities, but it does support curtailing it. I want women and men who felt like they’ve made a huge mistake from being filmed for porn in their lives to have the chance to be able to buy images or footage from the web host copyright holder back after ten years for the price they were originally paid. I want porn placed behind a pay-wall to protect children from the idea that women are debased sexual game, as this harms little girls and boys. I want the emotionally ill, like I was, and mentally ill to be screened before entering porn, to reduce suicides and drug problems in the aftermath. I also want regulation to the dissemination of gonzo generally, maybe in favour of not so harmful subsets like alternative porn which feature conventional camera shots and immediately reduce degradation to women.

Please sign my petition if you agree with any of my proposals and if you agree with some but vehemently disagree with others please let me know which and why in the commentary section:

Thank you

Vikki Dark

    Posted at 00:12h, 08 February Reply

    First of all welcome to our community and thank you to shadow with us your story.
    It’s difficult to express ourselves, but It’s very important for the community that people speak from a personal perspective.
    Sometimes when we are young and vulnerable we can fall into difficult situations that we will understand only with the time.
    You told us that this experience has had a devastating effect on your life and you are full of regrets, but today, dear Vikki, you are fighting for the defense of human rights in pornography and this bad experience can give back something good to other people.
    Children and women need your courage and your experience to be protected.
    We are proud of your commitment.
    Sara for The Wishwall Foundation USA

  • Vikki Dark
    Posted at 15:06h, 08 February Reply

    Dear Sara,
    Thank you so much. Yes, your comment is so poignant regarding only understanding things with time. I know I felt lead and didn’t have the esteem to refuse what was offered, feeling like I had no choice. It’s only later on and outgrowing these pockets of experience that we realise how much stronger we are.
    I want to make my petition link more prominent, Sara. Is this the best place?

    Thank you wonderful Wish Wall Foundation for this platform.

    Vikki x

  • Savannah Sly
    Posted at 17:31h, 08 February Reply

    Thank you for sharing your truth. I understand fully and personally that porn production can often overlook the emotional and psychical wellbeing of the people in front of the camera. In my experience, some porn companies do a splendid job of ethically caring for their participants, while other companies burn through them with complete disregard. To say it’s a varied field would be an understatement.

    Mental health is an underdressed topic within the adult industry, and I too would love to see more community resources and space made for people entering, involved in, or exiting the porn industry to talk with peers about their goals, concerns, and to get a better idea of what they are getting involved in. It would also be incredible if people could buy back images if they had regrets later in life about their involvement in porn. However, this is a great challenge due to the copy-paste-pirate nature of the web. If there wasn’t so much social stigma and shame associated with porn, and if people’s life choices could be respected with compassion instead of “well, what did you expect?” attitudes, would the aftermath be as harsh? If we can’t completely harness the internet, we could at least start by cultivating a culture where people wouldn’t be harassed, stalked, ridiculed, or shamed due to prior life decisions they’ve made around things like porn (PS, I recently watched Monica Lewinsky’s TedTALK and it addresses this topic in a bold way…highly recommend). Of a civic level, non-discrimination policies to enable people who had experience in porn to get regular jobs, retain custody of this kids, run for public office, and apply for social services would be a big step in the right direction towards reducing the toxic stigma that many porn performers suffer from.

    As for the dismantlement of gonzo as a style, this makes me think about people’s fears and negative relationships with BDSM porn, where the portrayals of sexual submissiveness, erotic humiliation, and sadomasochistic behavior can be alarming and triggering. As someone who is deeply involved in BDSM on and off set, I know there are ways to ensure that all boundaries are respected, and that safety is diligently monitored. I also know that people who enjoy viewing or participating in kink and BDSM are not inherently violent or mentally unsound, and that the majority are actually exercising their desires in a safe manner in appropriate venues such as at their home computers, or in person with other consenting adults. Getting back to ensuring that performers had ample preparation….if a potential performer were given a clear idea of what they were agreeing to, was shown examples of the final product, was given a safe word to indicate a need to pause or stop, and had their rights to do so respected to the fullest extent, would it be possible that extreme forms of porn could still be ethically produced?

    Thank you for your thoughtful contribution to what is a complex and on-going conversation.

    Posted at 14:37h, 09 February Reply

    Dear Vicky
    I think this web site is one of the best one for petitions.
    We share then in our social networks and we will with your petion! We are with you. A big hug
    Sara for The Wishwall Foundation

  • Vikki Dark
    Posted at 10:35h, 10 February Reply

    Thank you Sara, Simonetta & Everyone at the wonderful Wish Wall Foundation. Humanity is term that I reserve for those with the levels of benevolence that I aspire to such as yourselves. The only way we can make big changes for the bettering of lives is when all the good people come together and resolve. I believe in this.

  • Cheryl Angle
    Posted at 17:31h, 10 February Reply

    I agree with this approach and have signed the petition. I disagree with one comment here that BDSM has not harmed our community. In my city there has been a cover-up of rape and abuse by a significant male dom – I am not involved and do not have shaming or terror at bdsm. I do not think it’s healthy to sexualize dominance with females mostly on bottom. I hope I express myself neutrally there – don’t want to fan any flames but greater protection for those involved who have been harmed.

    I was groomed and prostituted in college by a “boyfriend” – that was before the video days or I would be more fearful than I am – my clients threatened to murder me if I ever told because they are politically and socially prominent. I was too afraid to stand up to them, but, was able to leave the boyfriend and his madame friend, take my shoebox of cash and returned to college after only a 3 month dip in the bath of the realm of commercialized sex. At least I was not filmed.

    I also had not at that time recovered memory of childhood sexual abuse – that did not come until I became a mother and witnessed my own two year old daughter at the same level of development as the little sister I’d seen molested then I could not longer contain the memories. I have been on a conscious healing journey for 27 years to grapple with PTSD from childhood abuse, rape as an adult (sent one man to prison for a year, still fear him) – and I have survived suicidal depression in the aftermath of CSA, rape and being sex trafficked.

    I offer this story for the first time – in honor of Vikki’s bravery. Vikkie, your work your petition your approach your journey makes me feel less afraid. I today flush out the fear I have at exposure and threat and risk, and I re-infuse myself with hope and inspiration from your work Vikki.

    I was a state-licensed foster mother at one time before my own children’s birth – my foster daughter was trafficked – then labelled “incorrigible” and swallowed in juvenile justice until a boyfriend trafficked her out of state. As a mother, I saw my daughters exposed to porn-hound boyfriends whose lists of sex acts I did accidentally find on paper in a coat pocket and was horrified that a until-recent virgin would be petitioned by a 17 year old boy for anal sex and a list of other porn-based acts b efore she had even had an orgasm I’m certain.

    I take this issue very personally. As long as women are bought and sold by men, degraded on film for profit and our children exposed to porn before their first actual kiss – then women will not be liberated.

    It’s time on the planet to flush our self-blame and shame – I invite even greater healing to flow through myself and to all others colored by this disease of misogyny linking our sex and our bodies to harm, abuse and derision as sex. It is not. It is a power dynamic of men to retain their domination over our wombs, labor, property, and destroy female wisdom and spirit.

  • J.C. - Executive Director,
    Posted at 14:34h, 14 February Reply

    Thank you, Vikki, for sharing your powerful and important story. We support your vital efforts to educate people about the harms of the porn industry, which will help to reduce demand and supply. We also support your wishes to put porn behind a pay wall to protect children, to screen women entering porn for mental and emotional issues, and to allow them to buy back their porn images in the future if they want to.

    In the U.S. there are only two truly secular/feminist anti-porn nonprofit organizations, because this is such a difficult cause to take on. We are one of them, and we are the only one that helps porn industry survivors and gives them a voice.

    We are currently a not-yet-funded organization run by a few very dedicated but overworked volunteers. We want to be able to keep going, but won’t be able to do so without raising significant funding in the next few months.

    Please help us continue to help others if you can, by making a donation. Thanks if you do! 🙂

  • Vikki Dark
    Posted at 22:16h, 14 February Reply

    Ladies & Gentlemen, the above charity works on the front lines of the devastation caused by the sex industry by rehabilitating survivors and helping people integrate back into health and normality. They are non religious & work as a deterrent group, advising the young collectively on the dangers of entering this horrific industry. If every supporter donated just 5$ a month, they could survive – & thrive for the benefit of us as a people. Please help these good souls.

    • Simonetta Lein
      Posted at 23:08h, 14 February Reply

      Please tell The Foundation to write a Wish about what they do and same thing for those amazing stories shared under your post. Tell them to write them all under Women Wishwall so we can have them all together.

  • Lucia
    Posted at 00:11h, 16 February Reply

    I commend you on your strength and courage for getting this information out there.

  • Emma
    Posted at 02:16h, 17 February Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you have said. It’s sad that we live in a world where the most popular genres of pornography are ones where women are abused, called nasty names, spit on, choked, and her face is expected to be contorted into a mixture of surprise and pain. I don’t think men enter their sexuality finding this attractive but are shaped from a young age via easily accessible pornography to think that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Normally once a person sells their image they cannot buy the rights but in this industry the younger you are the more profitable you are. Women at 18 make decisions a woman at 30 probably wouldn’t. It’s unfortunate that in our culture having been seen naked can literally ruin a person’s life, but that’s how it is right now. Making it at least possible to purchase the rights to something that from the beginning had EVERYONE but your best interests in mind would give the person control over their own image again. I know how difficult this is. Luckily I was able to do just that and when I no longer wish to be “out there” I can start the long process of DMCA to have my property removed from websites that never should have shown it anyway. Naturally it will be difficult to remove everything but I have the law on my side, and I’m one of the lucky ones.

  • Coralie
    Posted at 06:47h, 18 February Reply

    Global evidence on the porn industry shows that it can be incredibly damaging. The proposals in this petition work towards reducing some of that damage. In particular, early exposure to porn by children is now a public health crisis. See also

  • Nala
    Posted at 10:45h, 02 March Reply

    I have to ask myself where will this all end? Beastiality, babies and young children being raped all under the title of ‘porn’
    sorry, I find this not only disgusting but very immoral! Young girls who at a very impressionable age choose to go down the road of pornography not realising the impact this will have on their later lives is also a great concern to many of us. Their photos and/or films are out there where their partners, friends, children and future employers can see, damaging any chance they may have in being offered employment in any other sector. I am not saying that pornography should be banned, I am saying that it should be monitored much more closely, those that want to watch or look at these videos/pictures should register and pay through a legitimate credit card, this also protects young children from looking at these images which, causes so much damage to their young minds. Also, the people involved in this industry should be better protected, if they decide to leave, they should be able to have all their films and pictures removed from the net without question or penalisation.

  • John
    Posted at 23:10h, 04 March Reply

    I work with sex offenders on a daily basis. Nearly every single one I see has some form of addiction to pornography. I am not at all liberal on this subject. In my view, it has no place in a world that has become morally bankrupt. My main concern is the influence this genre has on children; the current generation being the first one in history to have access to pornography 24/7. In my experience it has contributed to a generation of young people with no concept of intimacy, has cheapened the act of ‘love making’, and portrayed the idea that sex is a natural by-product of all relationships. Humanity is in moral decline and the lefties who want liberalism without boundaries have no idea of the damage this is doing. I applaud your dedication toward helping others gain awareness and those whose images remain in circulation (after leaving the industry) to reclaim their lives and identity.

    Posted at 21:21h, 08 March Reply

    Porn is cementing itself as a norm into our society, this mustn’t happen. Easy free access to porn online is the biggest danger to our society, especially our children who are the future generation. Porn harms the mind psychologically, can cause addiction with many side effects such as neurological damage, depression and erectile dysfunction. It also twists and warps men’s mind about how to treat women. We see a dominant attitude from men which objectifies women as sex objects, and this trends across the younger demographic. Porn will not only cause harm to the image of women but also harm us as individuals over time, literally rewiring our brain. Say no to porno!

  • Siju Oommen George
    Posted at 04:11h, 23 May Reply

    If I have to write then it will be a book. We all ( except a few ) know that sex is good and most necesary for our birth and survival. We also know it is most pleasurable of all ecstasies. May people enjoy it without regret. The problem we are addressing here in about becoming pornObese or Porn Obesed by people who become dangerous to others. An example

    This lapse in the attitude about sex was there all the while but it was institutionalized and falsely scientified by a peadophile criminal scientist in US

    The evidence is documented. We are following the proclivities of a state endorsed Sadist Peadophile who didn’t leave even small babies. The result of this state sponsored madness in one way manifested as

    Slowly the soceity started indulging in debauchery to the extend of

    The large emergence of untoward brains in men caused a high demand in pornography.

    An addiction that was hard to break and ruining lives

    The demand produced victims who were being used to make these degrading acts to the pointing of killing some one during filiming.

    Some came out by the Grace of God and Courage.

    Courageous women won over peadophilia

    Finally bot were victims. Some one else was making all the money out of them.

    If you are a porn watcher please consider going through the scientific content in

    If you have tried to quit and failed very often ( we all do that in the initial days,months,years ) please please read

    and participate in that or other support groups.

    If are in the porn industry and want to come back contact Vikki Dark or

    Finally we have all gone through it in different stages and intensities and we dont judge or belittle you rather love you dearly. May God give you wisdom and courage 🙂

  • An Accountant
    Posted at 23:38h, 10 June Reply

    Firstly, thank you to Vikki for pointing me here. It’s a great thread with some great opinions.

    As a bit of background, I am a 34 year old bloke – I have been an accountant for 12 years (Yawn!), and I consider myself to be a feminist.

    When I was younger I had very brief and Narrow exposure to the UK Porn industry. It started with a random conversation on a train, I heard a girl talking on the phone to her friend, and she was having problems with her Self Assessment tax rerurn.

    After her call, I offered to help her sort her return out – which was easy enough. Got chatting to her and it turned out she was a performer in hardcore pornography.

    She ended up passing my details around, as I would do a return for Under £50, and they were being charged over £200. I very quickly had a little portfolio of clients in the industry.

    At first it was a novelty, as a 26 year old it was quite exciting to be working with women in the industry, and my mates were all jealous. However, after a few months it started to loose it’s gloss.

    Firstly, I was offered sex as payment. I turned it down, I was very uncomfortable with the idea of a woman (a very intelligent and attractive One) using her body as currency in that way.

    I would overhear calls with my clients and their agent, and once heard a girl absolutely screamed at as she wouldn’t do bukakke, which reduced her to tears.

    I heard similar stories of disrespect, exploitation and outright abuse, from trying to force anal, people refusing to reimburse models for shoots that didn’t go ahead and general disrespect.

    I didn’t like it and stopped working with performers.

    I know porn will never go away, but I feel too many studios, agents, videographers and performers are mistreat women.

    I kept cam models on as clients. I saw this as a form of sex work that empowered girls, savvy ones were taking full control, they called the shots, decide what they would or would not do, and make plenty of money in the meantime, performing live, selling things and producing their own stuff.

    However, I have started noticing downsides here too. interactive Porn. The user can speak back to the model. This is leading.g to abuse, threats and other Trolling.

    It is competitive, girls are disrespecting each other, going into other models chat rooms to take clients.

    Sites are taking big fees. The girls are the draw, the girls are the stars, and men are making money off the back of it. Like hardcore, these men would not make money without the girls, but the girls could make it without them.

    Women are agreeing to do stuff they aren’t comfortable with on Cam, as they know if they don’t, there are hundreds of others that will, and that is lost income.

    I still want to help, I now five tax advice to cam models for free, just to help them a little bit, it.makes it slightly more likely they will stay their own boss, rather than wander into the disgusting treatment I witnessed.

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