Please help 9 yr old Nico fulfill his bucket list

05 Feb Please help 9 yr old Nico fulfill his bucket list

Nico’s Army is a group of people banning together to help Nico Cassabria, a 9 year old boy, in his fight against Neuroblastoma.


For those of you that have seen my posts on Facebook regarding Nico’s Army, we have a rather unfortunate bit of news:
After some recent scans and a coinciding doctor’s appointment, Nico’s doctor advised his family that now is the time for him to try to fulfill some bucket list items while he is still feeling well enough to do so. With the exception of trying to raise money for pediatric cancers and offering our support, there’s not usually much that anyone can do to help. That is until now.


It is beyond heartbreaking to even think of a child having to put together a bucket list but I’m confident that if we, his army, band together, we’ll be able to help him check off some of his biggest dreams and goals. If anyone could lend any assistance in regard to providing Nico and his family the opportunity to complete any of the following, PLEASE reach out to me, The Unforgotten Haven, or Bianca’s Kids as soon as possible. We would be forever grateful for your help!


• Travel in a “big time” RV
• Swim with hammerhead sharks
• Go to Boston
• See Hamilton-the musical
• Go to the Nintendo Store in NYC
• Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
• Swim with pigs
• Disneyland
• Disney World
• Go zip-lining
• Meet Dan (The Diamond Minecart)


My wish is for all Cancer to be rid of in this world. It is horrible to watch the someone you love suffer with this illness and not be able to do anything to help them take the pain away. There is nothing to do but be there to help and support your person going through this the best you can. It is heart breaking, I know. I try not to ask why, but I do. I pray for a miracle- a cure.


Please, if you know someone who can help with the list above for Nico please contact me or anyone on the list above. We would love to help him fulfill his wishes. Nico is a sweet boy with a beautiful heart and a smile that lights up a room. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


Thank you.

Mary Beth Iannarella

Girl Talk Marlton

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