Peace in your life

02 Mar Peace in your life

I want you, yes you, reading this, to have a more peaceful fulfilling and authentic life.


Do you wish for that too? To have less stress in your life? To cope with the stress that you do have better? Now imagine all the people I am speaking to as I write this, and what may happen if every single one had even just a little less stress in their life?


The fact is, happiness is good for you. Proven. And science is catching up with mindfulness, something that’s been practiced for hundreds of years – whilst still broadly in infancy in terms of hard research, as time carries on more and more benefits are being discovered to this ancient and worthy practice.


So what happens if the whole world becomes more mindful? That is, more at peace within themselves? It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to consider the benefits to our global community, and we are a global community. We all share one big huge beautiful rock.


There is much hate & division in our world right now, wars, famines, greed, and the inability to move past these (and I believe we do have the resources available to begin ending this plight)is the solid realm of the ego mind. You will often hear me refer to it as “cultural hypnosis”. A term to explain the idea that our surroundings, parenting etc have imparted upon us beliefs and habits that may well not be serving you (some may of course) – but it’s a breeding ground for “difference”. Now whilst some celebrate those differences, others are scared of them, or due to this hypnosis are incapable right now of seeing outside of their present map of the world.


I am an NLP master practitioner and mindfulness teacher, the blend of these helps me to understand how these divisions, stresses, greed etc can come to pass.


The more I see and experience, the more I believe living mindfully is the key to a brighter, safer, happier future for us all.


My wish is to take this to the world. So if you wish to speak more with me on this, contact me @LiveYourNow on Twitter and let’s work together to create a brighter world for us all.


To your best life, always.
Richie – The Wizard of Om.

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