Peace for the USA – Working TOGETHER

14 Nov Peace for the USA – Working TOGETHER

We have a new President Elect. While he is not perfect we need to remember none of us are. People are insulted by things he has said yet do the same things or worse themselves. He went through the process of debate and appealing to the public and he was elected. I am not defending him, I just want PEACE.


People have taken to the streets for various reasons because of this. One…they are paid. Two…they have legitimate concerns. Three…they just want to be rebellious. Fourth…they want to be heard.


What good is forcing yourself on others physically and verbally? It does no good. It creates more hatred and anger.


What options do you have? Well…you can vote. You can join a positive organization for change. You can become involved as a politician at many different levels. You can join town, city, or state groups. You can join a church to help others less fortunate. You can join the military.


Yes, protesting is a right. Protesting over legitimate causes is important. Protesting over the outcome of an election does no good. It will not change the outcome. People say…HRC got more votes (not that many more votes). Well, we have seen that multiple times during the past and yet we managed to live through it and if you don’t like it start petitioning your Congressman/Woman to make a Constitutional Amendment concerning the Electoral College vs using Popular vote.


Instead of protesting and badmouthing each other it would be much more productive to work together even if you don’t agree with the other person for a positive outcome.


That is my wish for today. Thank you.

  • Ashley
    Posted at 18:56h, 16 November Reply

    We believe everyone has the right to peacefully protest. We believe that everyone shares their story differently and would like to vocalize and organize together in the type of communal setting that a protest provides. We believe in being champions for change in a productive way. We believe you can achieve this by standing up to the status quo. It happened during the civil rights movement, it happened during the Vietnam War resistance, it happened in Ukraine, it happened with the Frisco 5 and it has every right to happen here. Grateful to be a part of a community like The Wishwall where we can all voice our different opinions, but still get along!

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