Pay Back Love

29 Jun Pay Back Love

I wish I could pay back love. How do you ever repay the kind of love a parent has for their child? a husband for his wife? A love so strong that transcends time? I wish for them to achieve their dreams: that cabin in the woods waiting to be built; even their dreams are their dreams for me: a legacy to be passed down through the generations; opportunity to succeed in your career because you fought so hard to be there, only to give it all up for me, a chance to return and reunite with family in the west, a dream we hold so dear; our dreams for our child, to be happy and thrive in this vast, unforgiving, beautiful world. I hope with all my heart and everything I got, in this life and the next for you (my parents) and you (my husband) and you (my child) to achieve these wishes I have for you.

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