NOW is all That Matters

20 Nov NOW is all That Matters

Our minds seem to constantly want to pull us into the future, worrying about things that are yet to happen and stressing us out. All the while the moment we’re actually in passes us by.
So I’m really trying to stay in the moment more, to remember that I can’t control what is going to happen no matter how hard I try.


Life is ALWAYS going to throw unexpected situations at us both good and bad so let’s look for the JOY in now.


Standing in my baby boys bedroom at 3 am trying to settle him back to sleep, my mind was rushing ahead to the morning, how tired I’d be, worrying would he ever sleep the full night…on and on it raced. Then suddenly it hit me, here I was lucky enough to have this beautiful boy snuggled up in my arms and I was missing the joy of that by focusing on the negatives.
Now is now and it is what it is. Our choice is whether or not we fill our life looking for and feeling the joy in now.


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