NonProfit for the Homeless/Adopting 4 cousins

07 Jan NonProfit for the Homeless/Adopting 4 cousins

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a wife, a mommy of 8 and a glam-ma (grandma) to 8 soon to be 9 grandbabies. I currently work in the corporate industry in the Silicon Valley, Ca and just recently launched my own public speaking company Juzz Gorgeous, LLC as of October 2014 to empower men and women to be courageous in loving themselves first before they can love another without any guilt.  Although, I’ve launched my own company and work over 10-12 hour days to provide for my family it’s been very tough to make ends meet due to the high cost of living in the bay area. However, although we currently don’t own a home due to losing our home back in 2008 because of the inflation in the real estate market bust it has not stopped me in thriving to sustain an income to stay afloat.

It’s been a struggle trying to maintain a big family, my brand new business without any funds and facing loses after loses of family members due to cancer. In the past 4 years we’ve been attending our church the 3cross in Castro Valley, Ca and although we didn’t have much we try to pay our tithing every Sundays and although it may not be 10% all the time due to our financial hardships we’ve managed to give. We have also joined in with the Cross Street Ministries through 3Cross to feed the homeless every third Sunday of the month to contribute our time for the community and others who are struggling temporarily. In our financial struggles it has taught my husband and I the true meaning of unconditional love and what has inspired me to become a public speaker to motivate/inspire others that life is worth living regardless of the status quo that actions speaks louder than words. It is my passion to serve others by walking the talk and implementing what I preach into actions. I’ve always wanted to write a book but in time I will be able to have the necessary funds too but for now my wish and desires as a teenager I’ve always dreamed that should I ever come into monies or hit the lottery my first investment would be as follows: Open up a shelter or temporary housing for the homeless men, women and children. In my shelter or temporary housing I want to set up a free workshop where I will teach/write the curriculum myself to help those whom have lost their ways due to whatever circumstances they faced to get them back to work. I am a walking sales, business and personal development entrepreneur spirit who wants to give in a big way but at the moment unable too. However, my husband and I volunteers our time every month to serve others. It brings joy to my heart where I can utilize my knowledge, experiences and skills to teach other’s how to fish versus giving them a fish. I believe that everyone deserves second chances in life for we’ve all fallen somewhere along the way!

I could be asking for many things that I absolutely need right now for my family but yet my heart wants to help those who are in worse case scenarios than I am. At least I still have a roof and able to put food on the table for my children. I will share this where none of my audience knows that this past Christmas was the first my children did not have a Christmas tree nor presents which was heartbreaking for me as a mommy/grandma but I wore a smile stayed positive and taught them that we are blessed beyond measures because we have a home. My husband was laid off after Thanksgiving and in our family of 40+ children, we are just the lucky ones that has NO ONE to turn to for help when we are in need. We are the roots for our family and who they come too for financial support for all emergencies. Of course my family believes my husband and I are rich because we still manage to wear a smile and we live life even when we have nothing in our bank account! We are truly RICH in spirit and love!

I was quite taken back by the question what are my desires and what would I wish for and hence I couldn’t respond right away. As I write this wish with a heavy heart and tears rolling down my face I am absolutely grateful to wish for on how to afford a small space where I can house those who are homeless and provide them with free training to transition back to work for I will do all the work on offering career workshops! I am praying that my new endeavors in Life Coaching will help me sustain my family to buy a house for us but to also provide temporary housing for others. If not, I would wish for support for my church Cross Street Ministries who caters specifically to the homeless/shelters in the East Bay Community for any donations to help us continue our work in providing meals every weekend throughout the year for our brothers and sisters who facing adversity in their lives.


Part II of my wish and desires: Although we have 8 children, 3 has moved out to have their own families. We still have 5 children at home ages ranging from 8 to 17 years old. We have been in a 1 year battle of trying to obtain custody of our 4 cousins who was taken by CPS (Child Protective Services) in the state of Texas because my maternal cousin and her husband lost themselves to drugs. We have tried to raise funds by holding a plate sale but I have come to realize that we spent more than what was coming in to help with travel expenses from California to Texas for court hearings and to see the kids. Their ages ranges from 8 months old, 2 years, 4 years and 6 years old. As mentioned above, I have a big family but no one has any financial means nor stability to be able to go through the process in order to be Foster Parents or to adopt the children to take them out of the CPS system. It breaks my heart that they are all separated in to 3 different homes and our next court date is March 1, 2016 in Texas to determine allocation for the children. Our home may be too small according to the Alameda County because we currently have 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with 5 children. We currently pay $3438.00 for rent per month and we don’t have the furniture yet to accommodate the children should we get them. Anyhow, my wish would be able to obtain help for the kids and to have a home/furniture to house all of them. The county told me that they will not provide any medical nor financial support should they award me as a foster parent or custody of the children if this would be a problem and I told them that we will provide for them as we have provided for our own children. That we will work to find additional funding to be able to help the kids out. I am worried but positive that the 8 month old may need medical attention given he was born addicted to drugs given his mommy was using the entire pregnancy. Should the State of Texas and the Alameda County award us the children, my wish is to be able have a home big enough to house 9 children according to state requirements for I believe we don’t. I only want to give them a chance to grow up as children in a structured environment knowing that they are loved. I know it has taken a toll on them being away for so long and it broke my heart to walk away from them this past November 4th as our visitation with them was over for they are homeless being with others and not their relatives that loves them. We will do all that we can but we may not be able to afford a big enough home to meet state requirements.

Wherever this message takes me I am glad I was able to have the courage to write one down for my personal commitment to others for I will keep on striving to help others regardless of my situationJ

Please note:

The pictures of the kids cannot be public due to the State of Texas has them in their custody.

Also a picture of the homeless I serve monthly I am not allowed to take pictures but I’ve only taken pictures of the meals I cook for them as in 40-80 people sometimes more
Thank you Simonetta Lein for your consideration and reviewing my wish or desires!


Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,
Marie F. Ale

    Posted at 14:07h, 08 January Reply

    Dear Marie
    Thank you for sharing with us your story, your difficulties and your wishes.
    You are in difficult and at the same time you help people and you make volunteereng.
    It’s very admirable.
    Our site has a lot of visibility and we hope that someone see your wish and decide to help you and your family
    Never lose hope
    Sara for by Simonetta Lein & Wishwall Foundation USA

    • Marie F. Ale
      Posted at 16:56h, 08 January Reply

      Thank you for the comment! Absolutely, hope is always alive for life is too precious and short not to celebrate even including tough times. I greatly appreciated and if perhaps someone does not see it, it’s okay I was grateful to be chosen for my wish to go live throughout the universe for me to continue striving/thriving to see this through regardless of the circumstances. Love Marie Ale

  • Federica
    Posted at 10:58h, 15 January Reply

    Dear Marie,
    it’ s very beautiful that you have a lot of difficulties but you want to help people. Lots of people think only about their own problems without seeing that there are a lot of other, maybe bigger, problems and difficulties in life. I hope that you can receive a big help soon because you and yuur family absolutly deserve it! Don’t lose your hope! Keep smiling <3

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