No Regrets – The Joy Project

10 Jul No Regrets – The Joy Project

When the time comes to take my last breath I want to know that I loved as much as I could, laughed as much as I could. To have been a good person & been brave enough to always follow joy. Brave because joy is often on the other side of things that scare us, & it’s easier to take the advice fear whispers in our ears about all that could go wrong, and in doing so miss out on all that can go right.


When my daughter was nine she finally got a place in a gymnastics class- having been on a waiting list for years- and she was so excited.Like really really all she could talk about excited.


The day came and as we queued up to pay I could sense her nerves & anxiety as the enormous sport’s hall filled up with confident gymnasts laughing & chatting amongst themselves. She turned to me, face pale and eyes filling up & chewing her bottom lip as she desperately tried to keep the tears in…
“Can we go home?”


My heart felt like it would break, maternal instinct screaming at me to scoop her up and get out of there.
Instead I told her how this feeling, the nerves, the fear, we all get it but on the other side is where the really good stuff lives. To get to the good stuff we have to stand tall, be really brave and walk right into the scary feelings, and that no matter what she’d be ok.


I was never so proud as I watched her take a deep breath and walk tall into that class and sure enough she loved it.
So my wish for myself, for everyone I know and everyone I don’t know is to be brave enough to face fear head on like she did that day & live life to the full. Let’s take the opportunities that scare us , know there is no failing only lessons to be learnt and sieze joy & share it – always.


Would LOVE you to join me and the Joy Project – it’s going global at

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