No One Can Stop a Thriver from Thriving

05 Oct No One Can Stop a Thriver from Thriving

No One Can Stop a Thriver from Thriving
By Miriam Grunhaus


She carries her daughter and tends to her with the same love as any mother enamored by the joys of motherhood and the excitement of creating life, tending to her with care and devotion and raising this soul to be a strong, resilient woman.


A quarter of a century ago, a woman was expecting her bundle of joy when she found out there were two, ‘A’ and ‘B.’ She finds out that there is something wrong with baby A. The months pass with much anxiety until the birth when they discover that the twins are girls, and Baby A is missing her right arm just by the elbow. A clot, they say, claimed the arm and for the next 20 some years and probably for the rest of her life, her mother will care for her differently, worry for her differently, feel for her differently. A sense of responsibility and a sense of desire to see happiness despite…


She commits to raising A and B the same. Baby A will have to struggle to learn how to manage, and this will be the most significant gift “A” will ever receive. She will figure out how to crawl with one arm, how to horseback ride with one arm, how to dive with sharks with one arm, how to dance with one arm, how to feed herself and dress herself, and how to do laundry and change the linen all with one hand. She will have to find a way to find her soulmate, and how to continue the path, and she will have to figure out her purpose on this earth all by herself… It is hard to watch her struggle, but she sees a strong, determined little girl, and the mother knows, deep down, baby A will be okay.


A and B are deeply connected, intertwined by amniotic fluid and all that it makes them twin sisters, no matter what, protectors, and have a deep bond, no clot can tear apart even when the perception of love is understood to go more one way. Perceptions become reality, but despite feelings of jealousy at an early age, they find their paths, their purpose, and the meaning of their lives. Maybe A just a little faster. Because A has spent every waking hour searching and looking for answers. Why am I made this way, and for what purpose? What is the meaning of all this?


And so baby A grows up and to be this beautiful, funny, resilient ray of sunshine. With strengths and abilities that put the word disability to shame. What does it mean anyway to be disabled? Can all people with two arms scuba dive with sharks, ride horses competitively, and do splits in midair and dance as if there were no ligaments on the body? Who is to say who is able and who is disabled? Frankly, we are all differently-abled, and isn’t that what makes us so fascinating and interesting?


Today, she carries her daughter and tends to her with the same love as any mother enamored by the joys of motherhood and the excitement of creating life, tending to her needs with care and devotion and raising this soul to be a strong, resilient woman. Baby A is a grown woman. She mothers her perfect child, and now it is her turn to teach her to be strong and figure things out by herself even when we want to cuddle and protect them.


We want to make life easier for them, but life is full of challenges, filled with ups and downs; the faster we learn that we are here to discover the reason for being and our purpose on this planet, the quicker we will set sail and embark in the right trajectory.


24-year-old Ashley was in a public bathroom, changing her daughter’s diaper when a woman walks out of the bathroom stall and offers help. Ashley thanks her for her gracious offer but denies the need. The woman insisted, not believing Ashley could actually change her daughter’s diaper with one arm. But Ashley changes her baby’s diaper day in and day out because Ashley is baby A and her mother taught her to figure things out.


The baby is squirming, as Ashley is trying to explain to the lady that she is okay. The dirty diaper falls, dirtying the floor and her daughter on the way. The situation becomes more complicated for Ashley, and the lady insists on helping. Ashley wished the woman trusted her abilities, believed in her tenacity and her strength.


It is time for humanity to understand that we are the ones that set limitations to ourselves and others, but not the lack of a limb or an illness or color or ethnicity can stop the Thriver from Thriving. Maybe the woman was hoping to save Ashley, or perhaps she was hoping to save herself.


Model: Ashley Young @orlandocyborgashley
Photo: Amanda Van Meter Burch @itsmedancing

About the Author: Miriam Grunhaus

After working for 25 years as a marketer with expertise in Ethics and Compliance, Miriam Grunhaus, a native of Brazil, entered the world of Fashion Design. Miriam’s commitment is to the women she serves. After learning about Kintsugi (the Japanese art of mending pottery) and feeling empowered by its message, Miriam decided that her brand will be a source of hope and support for women.

Mikah’s mission is to empower women to accept themselves with all of their imperfections and limitations. We want women to “wear their scars” with pride; to understand that each of us is a unique work in progress. We want women to know that they are beautiful, not despite their circumstances, but because of them. We want to empower women to own their struggles – and in doing so – to own their strength.

Miriam’s first book, Heal with Gold which is coming out soon. The book has been endorsed by Tal Ben Shahar, Ph.D. Dr. Tal Ben Shahar is the author of the New York Times Best Seller Happier, and founder of the Happiness Studies Academy. Coming out by the end of 2020 is the extension of the book, a course on healing with a Kintsugi spin.

Book and Course

  • Marina Ramos
    Posted at 06:51h, 06 October Reply

    What an inspiring story
    This mother took a heart wrenching Experience And turn it into love and positivity

  • Carolyn gann
    Posted at 18:36h, 06 October Reply

    Wonderful example to live by

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