My Wishes

13 Feb My Wishes

I wish that I get the job at Sky Zone or somewhere, then I wish that with that money I can buy the iPhone x Max, and buy my french class a ton of desserts. I wish that checking my meds will bring me money so then I could get a Juul. I wish to be more intelligent even though I already am, more pretty and lose a couple of pounds.


I wish to become a really fast sprinter again and get in the 14s or less. I wish to get a boyfriend (Alek Elkins preferably) and we last a very long time. And I wish to pass my French song test and I get all the words and can remember them.


I wish for my hair to grow faster so it gets all the way down to my waist. I wish I gain all my parents trust back. I wish to become popular and win HomeComing and Prom pretty please. I wish I stop growing. And I wish that all the wishes I make in the future come true.


Lastly, I wish my parents win some money so we aren’t poor anymore, and we go back to our lives where we had everything. with all these wishes it will make me a happier more healthy person, and make my parents happier. I would ever be upset again I hope for a long time.

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