My Story of resilience during the quarantine

19 May My Story of resilience during the quarantine

On February 21 suddenly my life turned upside down. The coronavirus overwhelmed me , made me fragile, making me perceive my precariousness frighteningly.
From one day to the next, the obligation to stay at home.The sleepless city shutting down. Schools, shops, gyms, offices, factories closed. The streets of my city became deserted and silent, only the sound of ambulance sirens and the police on patrol to watch over the streets.
The news reports spoke only of Coronavirus and new social rules.
A “state of war”. I felt like I was living a nightmare, a life not mine.It was like watching something intently from someone else’s body. It was all so surreal that it couldn’t be true.
Since that day I live in quarantine. I only leave my house to go to the supermarket once a week. I see no more of my family and my friends.


I had to reinvent my life. A new life that flows daily between the four house walls. I became aware of the grim reality and adapted to it.
My priorities changed. I started to give importance to values that I took for granted before.


A new person was born inside of me who is able to appreciate this new life made of simple things, such as the doting time that my husband and I dedicate to each other, time that we didn’t have before.
The invisible enemy inside of my head allowed me to stop and think, to slow down the usual frentic rhythms, to give a new purpose to time, to become aware of the importance of values such as solidarity.
Resilience is my motto for moving forward, waiting for a new normality.
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