My Grandma’s Wish

25 Mar My Grandma’s Wish

My Grandma Carmen’s Wish


I’m naming my wish after my late Grandmother, Carmen Rocha whose known for introducing the Mexican Dish “Nachos” to California from her roots in San Antonio, Texas!


My Wish is to build My Grandma’s Sunday House, A home to rent, a home with a story of San Antonio, Texas history, a home where people can experience the San Antonio, River and all that it has to offer! Make our Grandma Carmen’s wish come true!


When my Grandmother passed in 2009, here only wish was to give all her children and grandchildren something special from her. Well that special gift, was her San Antonio Property that’s located right on the San Antonio River!


Her wish for us was to build a home right on my Great Grandparents property, where the backyard is the San Antonio, River! This home would but not just any home, a home where we could always go to, a home we could share with friends and family, a home that we would call our “Sunday House”! She always had her home open to her family and friends!


I would tell her, “wouldn’t it be great to create on your property! A home where everyone could enjoy the river and texas and it’s rich culture? And from that day on my dream and Wish grew! As I saw the property not only a way as a Single parent to own a home, I saw it as creating a space that all of San Antonio could enjoy!


My Wish is to build a Home to host events on the San Antonio River, provide bikes and canoes for people to rent to enjoy my backyard, which happens to be the River! A beautiful home that can be rented to enjoy their stay while visiting San Antonio and yet create income for me as a single Mom raising two young girls, and show them where their family is from and that if you dream big, your wishes can come true!


My wish will not only change my life by becoming a home owner/ business owner and change my daughters lives for the better, but it will bring people from all over the world a chance to experience the San Antonio River! It will bring our wish of a Sunday House to life and My Grandma’s Wish come true!

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