My Dreams are Becoming Reality

14 Dec My Dreams are Becoming Reality

What started out as just a wish is now becoming a reality – that is the power of The Wishwall.


At first I didn’t know what to believe when Simonetta Lein of The Wishwall and I began our collaboration just a few short months ago.


I felt unsure. I felt as though my heart was closed to the type of opportunity Simonetta was providing because I hadn’t witnessed the type of magic she so readily talks about yet. But, that was all about to change.


Instead of resisting the opportunity, I decided to be open to it. With my newly-opened heart and mind, I decided to share my wish: create a fully-reimagined version of Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane” to increase awareness of today’s social issues. And as soon as that wish was put out into the universe, things began to manifest.


I shared the wish with Blaison Maven (IG:@kingblaise), a talented rapper from Los Angeles who then connected me to Dalure (IG @dalure), a multi-dimensional individual who expressed interest in producing our song. It felt like fate! In a short matter of time, we went from being acquaintances to allies.


“We all understand the mission and understand the power in sharing this message,” I thought to myself as Blaison shared his dreams and desires for the project. Similarly to me, we both want this song and it’s accompanying video to be spread far and wide. We want everyone to hear it and be affected by its motivational message. We want to help stop discrimination and ultimately better the world. That type of good energy deserves to be soaked up by all those who need it.


After realizing that we all want to impact the world for the better, I knew the success of this project was imminent. The world is in need of this type of healing and we can be the ones to help heal it. I welcome that type of humanitarian energy and know that we are all moving this project in the right direction.


So where do we stand now? Well, a rough cut of the song has been completed by Dalure. This means we have a solid foundation to work from thanks to the craftsmanship he put into creating it. I really appreciated that. He really took the time to read the previous article I wrote about this project and my dreams for it.


That type of hard-work and dedication, I’m sure, will also be presented in the lyrics that Blaison creates. I’m hoping his words hit hard enough to wake up those around us who are asleep and culturally-unaware of the injustices around us. If anyone can serve that type of wake-up call, it’s Blaison – he has that type of affect. His other songs like “Kings Blvd,” which premiered with HipHopDX earlier this year, contain so much truth and tell such a beautiful story about his life growing up in South Central. We are blessed to be a part of his journey and Dalure’s as well. It’s been amazing to see things coming together on the song front. The next step will be creating a video team that wants to be involved in this project.


Part one of that process includes finding the perfect director. We think we may have found him, but he’s currently busy working on video projects for the Los Angeles Rams and planning a potentially sold-out NYE party in Portland. But, our hopes are still high! We think the timing will work out perfectly simply because he believes in our message. With that type of positive reinforcement anything can happen. So hopefully you will be reading about Jordan’s official involvement in the near future.


So that’s how our project is unfolding so far. How are you feeling about it? I’m excited to share more updates about our collaboration with The Wishwall in the near future. Until then, remember: We Take Note of your experiences, your stories matter to us!


Words by: Ashley Coffey of We Take Note for The Wishwall | IG Photo Credit from left to right: @ficeisthename, @kaylareefer, @ jordanvweyden, @dalure | Photo Edit: We Take Note

  • Andrew
    Posted at 19:09h, 14 December Reply

    It’s wonderful to see our wish come to frution. The power of manifestation is great. Seeing the process of the journey is beautiful. Thanks for being on this ride with us!

  • Ashley
    Posted at 17:43h, 15 December Reply

    This project is getting me so excited! Love how naturally it’s coming together too. Grateful to be working with such a talented team on this one <3

  • Kit
    Posted at 17:54h, 29 December Reply

    When our dream is to help others, it is matter of time for others that care to notice (Simonetta). I am so happy to see how you use your talent in music to share the word of love with the world. I am very excited that my dream has made progress day after day and I am looking forward to use my talent to make a different in the world as well. As long as we stay focus and positive, anything can happens. Congrats for job well done!!!

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