More Job-O-Vision!

12 Jul More Job-O-Vision!

“Employment” and “sharing” are two powerful words! My goal is to protect millions of jobs from vanishing by the year 2020, so that way they won’t be replaced by many different robots, because people from all across the U.S. and around the world need and want to get employed in the future by having good education in school.


Sharing everything is powerfully vital because sharing is what sharpens people. “So let iron sharpen iron, and people sharpen others upon the name of the Lord,” says in Proverbs 27:17 in the Book. See, every challenge I’m facing in my life, today, might be tough like a rock, but I pray every day to sing promises to the Lord.


And, I’m currently in high school, and I’m one of the students with intelligence at school. That’s why I do well on every assignment at school. Intellegence is a learning superpower. It helps people like me to study, grow, and get good grades! That means it could impact people in inspiring ways!


My dream (as a teenager) is to become a magician, to fool people I do/don’t know. I can’t wait for some magical thrills and chills! By the way people will be so happy, grateful, and emotional when they get employed with honor, influence, wisdom, and joy!!! 2020 should be an exciting year for more employments, victories, blessings, events, and promotions for everybody! And that’s my faithful promise!

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