Mom watches her girls from heaven meeting Oprah!

28 Aug Mom watches her girls from heaven meeting Oprah!

My mother died at 82 in 2015. Her Lifelong wish was to do two things: go to Jerusalem and meet Oprah! She watched Oprah shows whenever they aired and was always excited, proud, and happy that a girl from Tennessee had made it big! She anxiously sat at the edge of her seat, and when things got exciting to her, she would laugh, cry, and get agitated (sometimes all at the same time). She said that these opportunities didn’t come often, and she was so glad that God found favor in Oprah.


Well, Mom didn’t get to see either of her dreams come true in her lifetime, but it is my wish that we (her girls, granddaughters, great-granddaughters and nieces) can live to see her dream of meeting Oprah come true! Twice a year, the girls get together and take a trip somewhere to relax, have fun, reflect, laugh, cry, share our most intimate secrets, study the bible and bond to help each other survive for the next six months until we meet again. We call it “Girls Day Out”. And we know how to do everything-change tires, fire up the grill, and diagnose car trouble! This fall (October 10-13) we will be visiting Chicago. One of the first things shouted out by one of the granddaughters was, “Will we go to Harpo Studios and try to meet Oprah?” The request took me back to Mom’s desire, and I said to myself, “This time we’re going to do it!” So Chicago, here we come! My wish of a lifetime is to have my sister, daughter, granddaughter, nieces, and great-nieces visit Harpo Studios and meet Oprah if she in in town.


You know what they say, “A wish only becomes a reality when it is actively pursued!” (actually I said this)


I am now retired and 62, so make my wish come true so Mom can smile from heaven and say, “My girls did it!”

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