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Is poverty sexist? I think not! However, situations in Northern Nigeria has made it quite unfortunately true.
More than 130 million girls did not go to school today – a number so big if it were its own country, it would be the 10th largest in the world. If you started counting these girls from one right now, you wouldn’t reach 130 million until 2023. This is a global crisis and the consequences are dire.


Out of school girls are more likely to become child brides, more vulnerable to diseases like HIV and more likely to die young. Conversely, educating girls and women is a particularly smart investment with far-reaching benefits.
Girls who receive an education have better employment opportunities and their earning potential rises by almost 12% for every additional year of schooling. This helps both the individual as well as her family, community, and country — in fact, the impact of addressing the gender gap in education could yield over $112 billion a year to developing countries.
We believe that if you equip people of any social or economic background with the resources they need, they will accomplish phenomenal things. That’s why digital skills come in.


Helping more young girls understand that programming can be creative and social could attract more women to a field long dominated by men to explore some awesome places where young girls can learn to code in Africa, spike girl’s curiosity and encourage them to explore countless possibilities of what they can do with code.

As a programmer and a mother of two girls myself, I want them to be equipped with skills that they can utilize and they will still be relevant to the global society.


We need laptops and internet subscription to teach the young girls whose parents cannot afford to educate them in schools with different programming languages and graphic designs . The 4th industrial revolution is such that skills is the new currency, formal education regime is gone. By teaching these girls to code, they will be equipped with skills that will fetch them income, encourage gender equality and keep them relevant.

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