Making a difference to Orphans in Russia

29 Jun Making a difference to Orphans in Russia

My name is Dr Gareth Worthington.


I am a scientist, writer and Muay Thai Fighter. I hold a degree in marine biology, a PhD in endocrinology and currently travel the world ensuring new cancer medication reaches patients with an unmet need. I am also an author of fiction represented by Gandolfo Helin Fountain Literary Management, NYC and Director of Business development at the Vesuvian Media Group. I have modelled, tagged sharks and train with world champion martial artists. I was born in the UK, but live in Switzerland.


My life sounds awesome. It is — but it wasn’t always.


I grew up in social housing, in a neighbourhood known for crime and violence. My father was physically and mentally abusive. Lots of kids in my situation ended up in prison – or worse. I was lucky. The UK education system meant that if I really put my mind to it, I could achieve anything. Deferred loans and points based university systems meant everything was within reach, if I had the drive.


For children in other parts of the world, this is just not the case. The care systems and educational systems are not resourced or built to give kids the helping hand they may need. For this reason, my wife and I are working to better the lives of such children. Due to family ties, we have chosen Russia – a country with hundred’s of thousands of orphans. Many of them are literally babies and are held in special ‘baby houses’. Our sources tell us that these children are often indoctrinated to believe they will never amount to anything. While there are groups and Christian societies supporting these orphans, internal politics blocks much of the effort and so much more can be done.


This November, we will travel to Russia to visit some orphanages. Our aim: to set up a Charity in Switzerland to support at least one deserving orphanage with basic care, education and opportunities beyond what they would normally recieve. To do this, we need at least 50,000 Swiss Francs to be able to apply for the status of Charity.


Our wish is that anyone who has an interest in helping us set this up, or knowledge of how such charities can be created, get in touch. We will make this dream a reality, but with help we can do it faster.


To learn more, please read these articles:

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